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Dear all,
I have a query from all CiteHR members and I guess its becoming serious day by day.
In most of the organisations, especially when HR Hiring takes place, then the basic criteria for that is a person should be MBA-HR from reputed institute. I understand this. Most of the organisations are particular about MBA-Full time course. I understand this also. Now, the thing is, if the person is excellent in all areas and can be considered for HR position but he/she's done MBA-Part time/DLP (Distance Learning Programe), then the person is rejected immediately. WHY??? Because of not meeting the criteria??? If this is the criteria for selection then why such kind of courses are approved?????
I want to understand that if the person is excellent then why he/she's not given an opportunity... According to me this is baseless.
Please give your opinion on this.
10th June 2008 From Korea
Agreed with you JOE.Really it happened even i have 2 yrs, of Exp but now the problem is that i have done ma MBA through DLP.....
10th June 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear Joe,
This is true that top companies prefer those having full time degree in mangement.But as per my experience in industry, middle level companies mostly consider part timers and distance mode candidates. Although they require to have work experience. You can began with a middle sized company and once you get 2 to 3 years of experience in HR field this constraint will be disappeared.Nothing to get disappointed...
Dr.Peeyush Khare
10th June 2008 From India, Indore
Dear Dr. khare,
Thanks for your valuable suggestion, however, I have almost seven yrs. of experience in HR and working with one of the reputed organization. This incident was happened with one of my colleague, and she's again having good experience in HR. I was shocked to hear this, so really wanted to understand if companies prefer only full time courses then why the part time courses are introduced??
10th June 2008 From Korea
Hi Joe,
I agree with you even i have also done MBA in HR through DLP and heaving 2 yers exp. in HR with a Broking Orgnization, but i am facing the same problem.
Yes you are right if these courses are not much valied, than no need to introduce that courses.............
11th June 2008 From India, Delhi
40 members have viewed and only 3 members have replied. It seems that no one wants to give their opinion on this. Very Sad :(
11th June 2008 From Korea
Hi Archana,
I agree with you, but now most of the companaies have started recruiting people with DL MBA in HR as there is a shortage of skilled people, but yes in the initial stages there is a problem with the DL courses.
Keep posting your views friends.
11th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
This is a serious concern. I have 2.5yrs experience in HR and persuing my MBA through DLP. During these 2.5yrs i havve experienced the same problem, but honestly speaking , it is not necessarythat those who have done MBA regular have better knowledge than DLP grads. Experience is what matters most and good organisations should understand this.
I would also say that BBA graduates with 1-2yrs experience in HR are equally competitive like an MBA -HR with 1-2 yrs experience.
11th June 2008 From India, Ghaziabad
Hi Joe,
What ever course you do and what ever marks you score, holds no water in front of your performance in the HR interview. Also, yes there would be initial hiccups but you dont have to get bogged by this so early.
11th June 2008 From India, New Delhi
Yes this is a problem area but at the end what count most is your background and experience in the relevant area, the company is looking for ...... Manoj K Sharma
11th June 2008 From India, Jodhpur
Dear Joe,
Same was my query also. I have 08 years of experience but the institution I joined for pursuing MBA is not so reputed (NIBM Chennai), I am also wondering whether it will have any effect on my future job prospects.
12th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
Please visit my thread in this regard. I have also raised same issue. If experienced people also require the support of the degree / diploma from reputed institution or a mere degree will do in the name of fullfilling admissibility criteria.
14th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
This issue is one of perception. Surely the guy that holds a job down and gets an MBA is demonstrating his ability to work hard under very trying and protracted conditions?
If the companies that you are applying to cannot see this, then they are not worthy of having you as employees. - It is their loss.
14th June 2008 From United Kingdom, Glasgow
Your disappointment is genuine and justified. However in the long run, you will have oppurtunity to prove yourself in senior positions as well provided you make use of the HR exposure which you are getting now, people do reject part time MBA because most of the time they do not find them competent ,they generalised a situation which need not to be generalised because some of part time MBA's are no less competent but these people have to prove their competence on ground. Meanwhile develop your skill set, show it on ground in discussions , you will have your chance.
Col Virendra
14th June 2008
Hi Joe,
You are misunderstanding here.Yes,the organisations do prefer HR-MBA's/PG's,but it's not a mandate.If a person can prove himself/herself as an excellent HR Professional at the time of an interview then the qualification bit can be easily ignored.The same is in the case of IT Industries.Yes,the organisations are really keen on hiring IITn's/B.Tech's from reputed university,but at the time of an interview if the candidate proves himself to have exceptionally great knowledge and experience then the qualification bit can be easily ignored.....So,the crux is that you just need to be excellent in whatever you do and the knowledge you carry :)
15th June 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Joe,
I agree that some companies prefer full-time MBA to a part time or diploma holder. This is because they feel that the part timer or diploma holder does not have the relevant knowledge or experience. In many colleges these courses are not at par with the full-time curriculum. But don't lose hope. We can cover this up by taking relevant job experience from a small-sized company.
Good luck to you.
15th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear all, I think experience should matter and being an MBA or not should not matter one Question : Is a Post Graduation Diploma in HR the same as MBA in HR If not how valable is it.
15th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
As a matter of fact, DLP MBA in HR are offered , but why .. these are made available.. to say enhance are skill level. But i don't understand when DLP are not given a weigtage by the top companies even if you have required experience level and perhaps you can deliver more than that of a regular MBA candidate. A BIG QUESTION MARK to the companies who actually don't scale up the candidate according to the performance or the experience level.
There has to some solution in this regard.
Either the content of the DLP MBA materials
Way/Patern of delivered (which is not considered as a serious study wherin in regular course it is considered).
15th June 2008 From India, Delhi
Its nice to have a very relevant issue being brought up here. I have friends in consulting organizations and we see a clear distinction here. Most companies, if not all, certainly specify that they want full time MBA graduates for their HR positions, irrespective of the years of experience they are looking at.
Though mid-sized companies do not differentiate,,,, this cannot be generalized for all. There is certainly a mind set that part time courses & DLPs do not guarantee a knowledge base as good as the one a full timer brings to the table.
16th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
I am agreed with his views , it happend with me also, I got a chance to do full time mahrm/mba-hr from uk and indian university too,due to some personal reasons could not do it , so I took up DLP course in HR . Iam facing same problems . Organisation meant to be equal oppurtunity employer but in reality scenario is different . I have mentioned it earlier too , It has becoming a serious concern that why university and institutes introduce such dlp courses in HR . People face such circumstances in their lives where they cant continue their education. India is a developing country and people are not so prosperous to coninue their higher studies . They dont even get funded by Government.
I believe Company should not be so rigid and have flexiblity in hiring a hr professional .
16th June 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear All,
I am agreed with his views , it happend with me also, I got a chance to do full time mahrm/mba-hr from uk and indian university too,due to some personal reasons could not do it , so I took up DLP course in HR . Iam facing same problems . Organisation meant to be equal oppurtunity employer but in reality scenario is different . I have mentioned it earlier too , It has becoming a serious concern that why university and institutes introduce such dlp courses in HR . People face such circumstances in their lives where they cant continue their education. India is a developing country and people are not so prosperous to coninue their higher studies and not funded by Government.
I believe Company should not be so rigid and have flexiblity in hiring a hr professional .
16th June 2008 From India, Delhi
I have around 1 year of exp and i am currently working...i have not yet completed my MBA but have just enroled for the same through DL...should i go for the same or drop it and look for a reguler MBA...dropping would again absorb another 3 years of mine...please guide
16th June 2008 From India, Chandigarh
I agree that some organisations hire people with regular MBA qualifications. I, however have slightly different experience. I have have done my MBA (a three year DL programme) from a reputed institute and studied as hard as a regular student should do. About one year back I changed my job and got selected in an international NGO. After joining I came to know that most of the other candidates who competed for this position were regular MBA/PGDM. It gave me great satisfaction that part time or DL programmes are equally effective.
But now, when I make a job search for myself, I find that most of the corporates look for regular MBAs only.
It is hard to believe that why can't these organisation understand that depending on individual competencies, a candidate with part time/DL background can be even more effective than a regular MBA.
Surendra Singh
16th June 2008 From India, New Delhi
Dear all,
One of my cousins is a HR Manager for Payroll. He has done his MBA thro' DLP. Actually he worked in a middle level company for 3 - 4 yrs and then moved into an MNC. So some reputed organizations hire cadidates for HR positions with good knowledge and experience no matter they have their MBA thro DLP.
But still here an issue to be noted is that these organizations hire such candidates only thro' references. So what is the case if someone is not having someone to refer them?
Kindly suggest on this!!!
16th June 2008 From India, Madras
Dear All,
Iam having 2 years of BPO experience and now working as HR since last 4 months.Also started to do MBA in HR from Symbiosis through Distance Learning. I feel that having a full time degree will not give you any experience in that field. And when you are doing MBA through distance learing and also working in the same field, It will give you a chance to practice what you are learning rather than only having book knowledge.
But I feel that most companies look for people who have finished their MBA from reputed institutes. I feel that companies should look at the experience and the knowledge rather than only book knowledge.
16th June 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi i am currently working and also have just enrolled for MBA programme through DL....should i drop and go for a regular MBA or should continue with the i will have to drop another 2/3 years for regular MBA
16th June 2008 From India, Chandigarh
hai JOE !
i did MBA (HR) in full time, But i did not got a right opening in intial stages. 2 years i worked as HR faculty. and now i got job in HR market. what to do its all about time. I believe in time than experience and certificates we have.
16th June 2008 From India, Delhi
It's sad but true -- a part-time MBA just does not command the same status as a full-time one in this country. A host of extremely respected institutes offer one-, two- and three-year part-time MBA diplomas and degrees. Yet, the students who opt for these courses do not emerge with the same halo as those who take up the two-year full-time post-graduate programmes.

The first cruel fact you have to accept if you're thinking of a part-time MBA is this: it is unlikely to swiftly and painlessly enhance your immediate job prospects. There is no lucrative placement offer waiting for you, like the proverbial 'pot of gold 'at the end of the rainbow. And this is true, even at the brand name institutes.

The B-schools justify the lack of placement opportunities by pointing out that those pursuing the part-time MBA already have jobs. In fact, the pre-requisite for practically all part-time MBA courses is two-three years of work experience, preferably in an executive or supervisory capacity. Part-time MBAs are thus positioned as career-enhancement programmes designed to make the participant more effective in his or her current organisation.

The truth, however, is that the individual who chooses to do the part-time MBA is essentially seeking better prospects. 'Better' may variously defined as a shift from a smaller company to a larger one, or from software to marketing. Essentially, there is a sense of stagnation in the current workplace/ job function and an MBA appears to be the 'way out'.

The candidate is hoping that with the part-time MBA he gets to have his cake� and eat it too. Instead of enrolling for a full-time course and forgoing two years of salary, (as well as shelling out at least Rs 4-5 lakhs as fees), why not do a part-time MBA? Especially when most institutes claim it is equivalent to the regular MBA in terms of coverage and curriculum. Well, the logic is impeccable but things don't quite work that way.

That's not to say a part-time programme adds no value. But do be realistic. You are never really going to be considered 'at par' with the full-time grads so don't expect investment banks or the Hindustan Levers of the world to welcome you on board because you've got FMS or JBIMS on your resume. The unstated assumption you will encounter: 'Only folks who couldn't make it to the (more competitive) full-time MBA join the part-time course.'

The 'children of a lesser God' theory may also manifest itself at alumni meets. It's a different thing that any Indian who attends even a one-month program at Harvard refers to himself as a Harvard 'graduate' on his biodata!

Personally, I think that if companies actually picked up part-timers they might find them to be more dedicated and a lot more street smart than regular MBA graduates. And be pleasantly surprised by the absence of 'we are the cat's whiskers' vibes. But, until they start taking that chance, the part-timer will have to view the MBA primarily as a stepping stone in the quest for self development. And the pursuit of knowledge.


16th June 2008 From Kuwait, Kuwait

Dear Joe,

You not only get jobs if you have done part time MBA HR but also get promoted if you are really good and prove yourself. Only part you need to do is keep yourself updated with the HR practices/knowledge in the industry you are working. You may face few situation where initially you may be paid less to those who have done full time MBA from premier college at but if you really show your potential then no one can stop you from growing even if you have done MBA-Part time/DLP.I speak from experience.

All the best and do well.

Warm regards,
16th June 2008 From India, Delhi
I m currently pursuing a Hr (DLP) through a reouted institute in mumbai...however in interviews , i've been a victim of this bias... full time MBA's getting the post..holding no weight of water!! i think the management's must reaalise that mere paper degrees don't make a good manager... but i appreciate that people like you all r there to notice this and probably will bring about change!!!
16th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Yes this is a problem area but at the end what count most is your background, experience in the relevant area, and your performance in Interview. At present no body is willing to loose a potential person due to shortage of relevant persons for the specified job.
16th June 2008 From India, Madras
Well friends,
It's really interesting situation.
I just finished my MBA (HR).
When I went for searching job I found that middle level companies prefer people with work ex. of admn. along with DLP degree rather than just MBA full time course.
Few companies may have different policies.
However what I feel is you are on right track and after an experience of more than 3 or 4 years degrees and certificates really do not play much role in corporate. Only experience and common sense helps..
Great luck ahead.
16th June 2008 From India, Vadodara
Hi I Guess Wot Matters Is How U Potray Yourself Before The Panel,if They Feel U Good They Will Take U On Board;one Case Ought Not Be A Deterrent Rgds
16th June 2008 From India, Pune
You all made me confused...
I did BBA and after that i came to know that additional qaulification is must to get the best job. so I did DBM from Welingkar Mumbai (Part time) but after that i have been told during my interview with one of the company that they need MBA in HR. So i joined IIMM-Pune (DLP) MBA in PM & HR & now i m in 3rd semester.
But now i came to know through u guys that MBA in HR DLP does not work and ignored by the companys. i m having 5 years exp in the HRD Dept.
I think that i have wasted my time and money.
16th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
It is an important thing brought to notice. Many thanks for the same Joe.
I have had similar experiences too. After my degree, I have done my MBA through DLP too and have lost some desrving opportunites because of the prejudice against DLP MBA's.
We as professionals should keep in mind not to dicriminate basis mode of course, thats agreed upon. But paprt from that, What could be the potential solution to this discrimination?
16th June 2008 From India, New Delhi
Hi All
Agreed, that once you have relevant experience of 2-3 years in HR, it does not matter too much if you did your MBA full time or part time (DLP);or even if you have a DLP PG Diploma in HR (as I do)....but, some companies have made this a mandate (a must-have eligibility criteria) that they would consider a person for an interview only if he/she has done it full-time.....they are so hell-bent upon this criteria that even if a guy has 8 years of experience and working in some other top-notch company, they (the company in question) would simply not consider him for the interview.
But fortunately not every top-notch company has this narrow-minded approach.
I myself have gotten into a Global giant in IT field, as HR Trainee, even though I did my PG in HR through Symbiosis.....Inshallah, I would continue to work in good I said: not every top company has this criteria so all we DLP ppl have hope after all :icon6:
16th June 2008 From India, Calcutta
..cos an MBA aint somethin that which can be gained through series of assignments or some theoritical sure does have to mould & shape someone into a better personality all together! There lies the True essence of an MBA.period
No wonder MNC's hunt MBA grad's from a regular school than someone from a part time or DLP..Nevertheless true talent will always be appreciated and absorbed..So,If you know for sure you are a Great HR person..few corporate's fail to recognise your talent, consider them the loser..not you!
Chill :-P
16th June 2008 From India, Madras
Dear Joe, This is true. one of my colleagues faced the same problem even after good experience. I think hands on exprienceis much more important than just doing regular MBA
16th June 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Members,
After reading this topic and your views, i have gone in to a dilemma. I am having 7 years of legal experience and was interested to do distance learning MBA program in HR. I was about to ask which instititue ( Symbiosis or ICFAI) is better for doing distance learning MBA program., but after reading views i have to be careful before chossing the distance learning MBA. How does Executive MBA rates over distance learning and comparing it with regular MBA's ?? I will appreciate if you guyz help me out on this ....
16th June 2008 From India, Chandigarh
undoubtedly a deserving talented individual needs to have a chance albeit the mode of education...w.r.t discussions earlier like "why were part time courses intoduced!?", it is the gap between the industry & academia and the ignoranc of policy makers in the government which has led to introduction of courses without a purpose...
a recent survery by ASSOCHAM says that except the top 30 B-schools, rest all the institutions are not aware of the basics of national economy and GDP...
not all the MBA aspirants get into the top 30 that case the aspirant settles down to the part-time courses... unfortunately institutions which has to teach business are doing business with education!!
overall, there needs to be a change in the system and policies which is obviously not in our hands...
16th June 2008
hi Joe !!
what you said is a bare fact!! i face the same problem regularly !! i tell you HR & Admin. job requires the 'specific skill' degree(ie MBA) & experience as well. i guess, a guy 'ving 2 yrs of work ex. along with his DL MBA degree is equivalent to a normal MBA without any work ex. its 'sincerity' & 'scalability'of a candidate towards his what I find ....really matters while selecting a HR candidate.:idea:
saptarshi dasgupta
16th June 2008 From India, Calcutta
Dear Joe,
This was also happened in my career. Some industries rejected me due to want of full time course. But medium sized industries definitely accept part time and DLP qualifiers and also they very much expect experience. So, don't worry. Pl. prefer medium sized industries.
Thanks &Rdgs,
K. Packiarajan

16th June 2008 From India, Madras
Hands-on experience from a reputed organisation is appreciated by most companies. However, it is always an add-on to have a Full time degree.
It is passion, talent, creativity, innovation and hardwork that is required to be an HR professional. If you have these quality in you, then degree doesn't matter.... be it full time / part time / distance learning...
My two cents!!!
16th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi friends,
Really many thanks to Joe for raising this issue. After reading the views of my citehr friends i am in a big confusion as i was suppose to join Part time MBA from ICFAI institute which is going to start very soon so now i m really confused whether i shud go for it or no......... if the companies r really not looking out for part time MBA's then i wud prefer to collect work experience rather then spending so much money on part time MBA.........
So please friends help me in giving your valuable suggestions as the admission dates are very near ...........i will really appreciate your contribution.....
16th June 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Joe,
I am agree with you to some extent, but on the other hand, people from different streams are also finding it difficult to get the entry in good organisation, while they are having full time degree.
In my opinoin - the things which really mater i.e. potential, if you are having that kind of caliber and potential, definitely you will get the job.
Best of Luck.
Kishor Manori
16th June 2008 From India, Delhi
I completely agree with you....
I too started without any degree, but then decided to go for a DLP.
I found it very difficult to find a job in a decent company.
As for now, i am in a much better position, after struggling for 2 years.
And you wont believe, but i have seen people with out a full degree, doing a very good job, working hard in comparision to the full time Hr's
They want to work from the scratch and so get a assistant on contract basis...and literally slog them.
Believe me, i have seen that at several places.....felt bad to see that
16th June 2008 From India, Pune
Dear Concern,
EMBA do have more value than DLP.
For details of EMBA offered from Manipal University please visit
16th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
I am very shocked, because I have just joined MBA - HR in DLP from MK University. Please suggest me what to do.....
16th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear Joe, Part time courses are also valid but during initial phase one may have some problems if you have rich experience in some reputed organization there is no issue at all. Thanks, Ajay Verma
16th June 2008 From India, Delhi
Yes, u r right. Even I also faced the same problem in the initial years of my career. But after 2-3 years of working experience in the relevant field, this barrier will dissolve automatically.
Sanjib Datta
16th June 2008 From India, Bhubaneswar

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