Dear All,
We are organizing internal employee conference soon. In this conference we want to have a management light game. So, if you have idea about any such kind of game please help me.
Thank you

From India, Calcutta
Hi Rik,
There are lots of 'management games' that you can organize. What you choose will depend on:
1.)The size of the group - there are games which can suit only small teams of 10-15 & there are games for big groups of 50-100 .
2.)What you want to achieve by conducting the management game( is it just to have some fun / bonding or is it help them learn something?)
3.)The profile of the participants (important if you are conducting a game/ activity with a learning objective, not important if you want them to just have fun.)
check out the games section of cite hr site for some ideas.
Also check out for some great ideas.
If you need any help in conducting it , feel free to use our services.
wishing your conference every success.
Greatscope Consulting

From India, Mumbai
Hi Rik

GO thru the below game

Blind man's tower.

( an excellent game for testing the leader’s ability to work with M1 workers of The Situational Leadership

Model )

Items needed:

• Teams of 3 people,

• 50 paper cups per team ,

• tables for each team.

• room big enough so teams are far apart.


1. Divide participants into teams of 3 people each - one worker & 2 managers

2. give them 50 paper cups each.

3. Tell them to decide among themselves the target - how many floors they will build. ( each cup

represents a floor) note down targets on the board.

4. Give them the following instructions:

a) Time of 10 minutes to build tower.

b) Achieving target gives 20 points, not achieving -no points ( even

90% achieved is not enough ) every extra floor = 5 points extra.

c) Only worker to build the tower. managers must NOT TOUCH the

material ( cups ) If they do, then they lose 5 points


d) Worker to build the tower USING LEFT HAND ( WEAK HAND )

e) Worker to build the tower BLIND FOLDED.

( usually ,the last two instructions get a loud groan from all.

Other instructions:

The table in front of the worker must be empty, he/ she must not have begun the tower before the start time.


• This is a situation where the worker is completely dependant on the manager. ( M1 type

employee. )HeShe depends on the manager’s ability to give precise, clear instructions.

• Usually, both managers will start to give instructions.

• Sometimes one manager will be more assertive.

• Sometimes the worker will be more assertive & not listen to the manager.

• Some managers will, not empathize with the worker’s handicap & shout, hurry or goad the

worker. They’ll even criticize him/ her if he/she fumbles.

• Most times , the losing team will be poor losers, will try to bad mouth the wining team, will say

they cheated, ‘the worker could probably see’ etc.

Debrief should cover the importance of using L1 type of leadership for the M1 worker.

Post ur feedback



From China
Hi Rik & Priya,
The Blind man's tower game which priya suggests was originally posted by me in citeHr site about two months ago. ( Search for posts by Greatscope & you'll see it.)
As mentioned in the post , we conduct it in our highly successful leadership programs - SLAM & LION.
But I had not yet suggested it you Rik, as i wanted to know the size, profile of the participants etc.
I'd mentioned in my last post that there are games that have a learning objective & games that are for fun. This game ( The blind man's tower.) is of the 1st type . It's a management game - that means there should be a de-brief.
This is ideal for about 3-4groups of 3 , ie about 12-15 participants. If there are more people , then one person cannot facilitate this game.
all the best,

From India, Mumbai
Hi Amrut I had downloaded the management game from the citehr site.As RIK needed the game so thought of posting it.I am sorry if u have any problems regarding me posting the game. Regards Priya
From China
Dear friends,
We are creating and gathering resources here and sharing it with other friends. So, there is no harm if u share common resources with each other. If any one has created anything special then he/she can protect it under Intellectual Property Right.
We are here for learning. To learn something.

From India, Calcutta

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