Sari Started The Discussion:
Dear friends,

I have heard about Back doors many times earlier, but seen recently when my cousin received a call from a consultancy (quick jobs)to pay some amount and two months salary.. to get the job.. he said procedure is simple you would go thru all the rounds which are generally done, but you will get selected.. we are going to pay some amount to HR.. your joining date would be so & So.....

Are jobs sold??????? whats the solution to such problems... are the capable able to get the jobs they deserve...if jobs are diluted like this...

Posted 2nd August 2007 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sari,

Corruption always existed which you may also be aware. Recruitment in lower and middle level Government Jobs, Railways people had paid bribe to get in. Before the Globalisation process in India, there had been instances of people paying bribe to get jobs in Private sector also. Nowadays we donot see it much because of the shortage of qualified manpower.

Posted 2nd August 2007 From India, Thane
yes its hard to trust it but it is true its difficult to stop becoze its easy way to get job
Posted 2nd August 2007 From India
i was working as an event a part time job(frm my college days)...
i used to go to an MNC (i dont want to name the company) every week ends to co ordinate for the week end drive...
i was co-ordinating for that company for more than 1 year....
one day suddenly frm no wher a person was added as a recruitment co- ordinator.. through a consultancy... he was working as IT recruiter in a consultancy(just 6 months)... after few weeks he and the Source head became thick friends... after 3 months he was hired as a permanent employee (Recruiter)... he struggles to speak in english, only hindi and kannada... i and my friends were shocked.... we were curious to know how did this happen, so we decided to dig deep in this issue.. finally we came to know that he paid nearly 1lk to the source head and the HR manager... 6 months up,now he is a senior recruiter..... (he has just 1 yr of exp in recruitment)

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Posted 2nd August 2007 From India, Bangalore
I guess it is the man power consultancies which started the practise, may be not all but maximum out of them, they are giving assurances to the candidates for 100 % to manage the fake experience as well as Selection.
Heard & seen the facts that back door events are happening in all the B4 companies.

Previously it used to be the Concerned authorities in Govt Organisations who are corrupted, now it is Globally entered with changing colors & trends.

Im really soyry if I have hearted any one. my Idea was just to place the reasons behind the actual scene.


Posted 2nd August 2007 From India, Hyderabad
Dear All,


Hats off to Sari to bring this matter for discussion. When I was searching for a HR job, I got a call from a company for Interview but I didnt get selected. Same evening I got a call from a consultancy and the recruiter asked me to met him in his consultancy. When I went there I was stunned to see the person bcoz he is the person who rejects me in the interview.

After a discussion, he asked me 1 lakh or 1 month salary for the same post for the same company.... I didnt get the offer. But there are some people who doesnt know the meaning & true value of "HR".

Sry if it hurts any members


John N
Posted 2nd August 2007 From India, Madras
That HR is corrupt is an understatement, at least in the minds of those not in HR. Personally, I have seen not more than 10 such instances in the past 4 years. But if you just research the recruitment data, you will find lots of suspicious facts.
Shall we turn a blind eye to this phenomenon and carry on .... being corrupt?

I regret that the few of us who do not toe the line are spreading truth as rumour.
Posted 2nd August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Yes, even I have come across this practice, though in government circles only. My servant's son, reasonably intelligent but poor in studies, was 'helped' by his uncle in a government office, with the proviso that if the appointment went through, he would have to pay Rs. 50,000 in instalments till the amount was finally paid. The reason for the large payment was that the major portion would be directed 'upwards'. Well, he was appointed, he has just completed paying the amount asked for, but he is doing very well and is up for promotion on his own merits.

This is the first time, however, that I have learnt that the same practice is being followed by non-government organisations and that too, so blatantly (openly) with sub-standard candidates being appointed solely because money has been exchanged. This puts the guilty HR personnel on the same level as a low government clerical assistant!

This is a shocking state of affairs. How can we prevent this from happening, since the HR personnel concerned seem to be completely 'bindaas'.... and care nothing about quality recruitment, with the consequence that the organisation and other employees suffer with substandard officers being appointed?

Any suggestions?

Posted 2nd August 2007 From India, Mumbai
The topic came up for casual discussion today with a colleague. He mentioned a big SEEPZ company. There candidates are "charged" Rs. 15000 for the interview call by the consultant on behalf of the HR. If the candidate gets selected, the consultant also parts with 33% of billing.

He also mentioned a shocking fact: our biggest client's annual picnic is financed by a recruitment company!
Posted 2nd August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi friends,

As we know our unemployment rate is very high...and corruption is at its peak. But if the HR professionals start ...favoritism or accept bribe for recruiting...things will go wrong. HR's favoritism is not a new thing...heard a lot about it, but everything should have limits. If a HR guy behave irresponsibly, in a very short span either the investor will become bankrupted or otherwise the Investor will kick the HR out of the company.

People are the only competitive advantage in todays' border less market. Only the best products and services with the best price and highest ROI will lead the market. In such a scenario being a HR Manager, if somebody recruit a useless person just by accepting bribe, both will loose their job...or the company will pull its shutters in nearest future

Professionals should have integrity...

enjoy your work and be optimistic
Posted 3rd August 2007 From India, Bangalore
This is nothing new.

There are also consultancies who charge both the company and the candidate. This was a prevailing practise earlier, though not so common now.

In this case, I think the HR guys are to blame. I have received calls from consultants promising to pay me a percentage of their billing for each candidate of theirs my organization selected. When I refused, he increased the percentage. When I indicated that we don't work on those terms with anyone having those standards, he profusely apologised and said that he just started his business and adopted this method because the HR of the last company he approached demanded a payoff. We did not engage him at all.

Most recently I received an email from another consultant on similar lines also asking me details of candidates who I was getting directly. This person used the term - "let us share the wealth" or something to that effect.

Don't bother blaming a consultant - if you want, you can say no. The choice is ours. When you agree to it, you are the one committing the crime - not the consultant.



Posted 3rd August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Just because of few corrupt HR’s the rest HR’s get a bad name.... I too work as an HR and we do not follow the " Back Door Entry " at all... Regards, Joylyn
Posted 3rd August 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hai Frends,

This is indeed a serious topic to discuss.But as said by a movie star in a latest film I saw " Corruption is Everywhere,especially in India".Just tell me the name of the department(public sector / private ) which doesn't has corruption. Just because they are some individuals doing corruption, don't get over emotional and start to blame the whole of HR dept.

I have seen the best,bad and ugly in HR dept. and i sincerely feel that the situation is not so bad.I work for a product development company where Iam proud to say don't assort to those kind of rubbish acts.

Its the responsibility of our HR guys (gals as well) to be principled and put a fullstop to such kind of menace.

Posted 3rd August 2007 From India, Vijayawada
Yes Its true,

I too was offered 25% of CTC for the selection of the candidates from some consultants which I politely refused. We cant compromise with the quality candidates just for few EASY MONEY

Posted 3rd August 2007 From India, Delhi
The best thing is that we must source candidates on our own... The last option must be through consultants... Joylyn
Posted 3rd August 2007 From India, Bangalore
Experience of a senior HR Manager who is not a member here:

She had recently joined this fast growing organisation, relocating to Gurgaon from another city. Two months into the job she was discussing vendor development (shortlisting recruiters) budgets with her top management and sensed that the top management KNEW TOO MUCH ABOUT SOME EXISTING VENDORS and had GOOD WORDS to say about them. Within a few hours of this meeting, many of the recruiting agency heads CASUALLY called up and CASUALLY asked for an appointment. She met a few who apparently KNEW TOO MUCH ABOUT WHAT WAS DISCUSSED IN THE TOP MANAGEMENT MEETING!

So she hereby sends the message to CiteHR members: Look upwards to find the source of corruption

Within weeks, she had also seen that some of her staff were CASUALLY promoting one or the other vendor in the course of other discussions. Looking closely, she could make out invisible channels between her department and some vendors.

So another message for her: To find corruption, look inwards and sideways.

She also noticed that these vendors had their friends among the security, reception, accounts, even housekeeping!

So her message is: For locating corruption, search the nooks and the crannies.

Now she is waiting to be approached by vendors to become their next FRIEND.

Her cry is: HELP ME.
Posted 4th August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi eclexys,

If her cry is really "help me"...

why does she not resign? (possibly she has some financial constraints).

If she is uncomfortable there, she should make the attempt to move out. This should be somewhat easy since she has relocated there, she can always relocate back to where she came from. Or to another city. There is no shortage of HR openings in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai or Hyderabad.

If you are her friend, take her cv and help her to get a job somewhere, post it here, use a network like LinkedIn or Joso, send it to someone YOU trust if she is afraid to send her cv out.


Posted 4th August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Ryan,
You miss the point. The lady is a fighter and wants to fight. She does not want to chicken out. The help she needs is in terms of ways and means she can employ to fight it out. And maybe some moral support...

In any case she would not need support to find a job.


A R Eclexys
Posted 4th August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi guys

It is really wonderful discussion. it is every where. we have to chose a right way to go. blamming others is not a correct way.

Any how thanks for sharing


malladi_alps :lol: :lol: :lol:
Posted 5th August 2007 From India, Madras
Not all HR are corrupt. I have personally been offered paybacks from consultants if I recruit their candidates. I always smile and tell them in a straight way to take a walk. If they want to work with our company they need to perform not bribe around.

These things are getting more and more practical it is up to us the HR community to pull our sleeves up and tackle the issues.
Posted 6th August 2007 From India
Sorry for sounding cynical, but I think NONE of us are in a position to vouch for our department (unless it is tiny), our colleagues (in general, honourable exceptions exist), or our company. Those of us who can vouch for their own integrity are the blessed lot.

A R Eclexys
Posted 6th August 2007 From India, Mumbai

I think that all of us in the HR fraternity, at some time or the other, have come across similar situations as described. Some have succumbed to the temptation, while others have stood steadfast to their integrity and professional commitment.

If you have a subordinate who indulges in such malpractices, I think he/ she deserves exemplary punishment - there are no two ways about it. If it is a consultant, black list him. If it is your superior, there are subtle ways of getting across to him/ her on this matter. But, inaction is certainly not the right way forward. Because then you are certainly not helping the cause - but, let me assure you, it is easier said than done.


Posted 7th August 2007 From India, Madras
Hi Folks,

Itís embarrassing talking about this topic however it is true. Thatís what happening even in the big MNCs they are taking bribes and giving the opportunities to the guys who are not capable of doing things. Definitely it is not a good practice and even I suggest the job aspirants to donít opt for such kind of trap.

Itís happened to one of my friends who could able to get a job in an MNC by bribing however after a couple of months they fired him for his incapability.

So I suggest all the friends to donít offer bribe instead you can work hard in your field and get a job and that could help in your professional career. These days getting a job is not a big issue if you have the capability.

Kalyan. :D
Posted 7th August 2007 From India, Bangalore

If companies dont want to entertain the consultants, why are they not ramping up the sourcing team????

I belive the value system are the same for all human beings not only for HR......These people should show some more maturity and should be professional in their behaviour....

THE HR try to fit in Round peg in a hole ....and if these kinds of things are happening...the companies r the one one who r gonna suffer....

And i think.....everyone would be knowing about the reason of attrition now.... :D

Nidhin Jacob
IT Recruiter
Posted 7th August 2007 From India
let me share an instance:

A 5 kg ABC fire extinguisher with all quality checks in place (am a auditor myself, so be asured) made by top ranking company in India retails for around 3,500/-.
I had the opportunity of interacting/ learning with DGQA/ DGS & D auditors, so one fine day On one of my client's insistence, i negotiated with few of the top players.
The price which they are willing to sell with minimum persistence does not exceed 1200/-

REFILL with all Genuine quality checks in place cost doesnt exceed 350/- and the billing is normally 4X

so you may very well guess the payoffs for a small factory employing 100 extinguishers.

same thing happens with Pest control.... My advice to al of you would be to ask the vendor for the chemical name"CAS no", so that you yourself can calculate the dosage/ precautions/ cost etc.

All of you who interact with contractors would be knowing as to how many people do they really hire on rolls ie proper PF/ ESI accounts.

The reality is most fo them maintain a showcase payroll with minimum number of employees. even these bare minimum do not know that they have pF/ ESI accounts in their name. Blank documents are signed and kept in safe custody till the end of employment..

Posted 7th August 2007 From India, Delhi
Hello Sari, Its really difficult for all of us to trust.You know large no. of people go through for job or we can say belive only the consult . Abousulty its not trustworthy . Regards Shanti
Posted 7th August 2007 From India, Delhi
Dear Friends,

The topic is actually very useful which is raised by Sari. Even i have seen lots of people in industry who are working as a HR person because they have good connections and money. I am working in a Consultency so i know lots of people in this field who actually dont know anything about HR but they are working in a good oraganization...u can say with brand names. I cant mention companies name here because they are our clients. Lots of people working as a secretary and side by side handling HR work also without proper educational and professional knowledge.

yes its difficult to trust but it is true...and these people are blocking our way i am totally confused what to do?? I have more than one year experience in recruitment process but still not getting any chance to enter in corporate level. I have some offers but again its a contract basis job.

Posted 8th August 2007 From India, Madras
Dear Anitha,


If it is one year contract job, then proceed and accept the offer orelse dont accept bcoz i start my career as a contract employee but i suffered a lot to get regularised but now i am happy. so dont reject the offer bcoz of Contract.


John N
Posted 8th August 2007 From India, Madras
One more insight....

A HR officer with two years experience was selected at a call center. During salary negotiations, his interviewer wondered why he was being so stubborn. After all, he was told, the position was capable of generating a second income which would make the salary seem insignificant.
Posted 9th August 2007 From India, Mumbai
I too have some of the information about a consultancy at chennai... These people should be punished hardly...
Posted 30th March 2008


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