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Hello all!

Iam left in a dilemma.I want to resign from my current post as I have another job offer.But the problem is my Boss(Who is MD of the company) is out of station for a week. I have to join next week but till then he(my ex boss) will hardly return....What should I do? i dont want to leave him in despair....:-(

Thanx in advance
Posted 10th August 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Archana

Congrats on your new job offer !

Send him an e mail resignation,talk to him,send sms about your resignation,make him aware of the news ASAP.

Make documents list with hyperlinks to all required documents and pass it on to him,so that he can share the same document with your replacement.

I hope you are leaving with a notice period ,no ? then pay the notice pay amount and settle accounts amicably.

Alternately ask the new company for few days more extension immediately.

You must transfer your work as appropriate to other employees or to the MD,the least you are expected to do before leaving,always try to leave on a good note.

Posted 10th August 2009 From Korea, Seoul
HI Archana,

Congratulation on your new assignement!!!!!

What I suggest you go ahead with your decision and send e-mail reasignation to Head of HR dept with and mark a copy to MD with complete details. Like when you want company to relieve you and assign all your work to the person next to you.Make a complete list of work done/pending and in process and handover it to the concern person
Posted 10th August 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear Archana,

SMS is not the right manner. However - please send an email and wait for the re sponse (wait for a day)
And if there is no response just call him over phone and talk to him about it.

Is there an HR dept in the company where you work? If yes - then its less a problem.
If not - let us know how the conversation with the MD went. Will guide you from there - but would request you to serve the notice period / or pay the notice amt if you cant wait.
Posted 10th August 2009 From India, Madras
Dear Archana,

First call your MD and discuss with him over phone about ur decision. In case if he is going to give u an offer which is going to be more lucarative than what you have in your hand then think about it. Before taking any decision I would like to remind you that the other side of the grass always looks more greener.

In case if he is agreeing for your release, then make list of files and activities with the status as on today and required follow up give it to next person in your dept with MDs permission. In case you are all alone in the department, then you may hand over all these papers to a person nominated by your MD.

It is always good to leave any job with a god note. In case if you are able to get extension of your date of joining from your new employer, my suggestion would be you should meet your MD in person and shold thnak him for all the support he had extended to you during your tenure at this job.

I Wish you all the best.

Ratna Sekhar
Posted 10th August 2009
I had a talk with my new employer they are not ready to give me extra time...actually I have been trying for this job since long...I have decided to mail my resignation today and give my boss a phone call thereafter....Hope evrything works well.....
Posted 11th August 2009 From India, Bangalore
one more thing i have to should get out from this guilt feeling which is building within me....actually its my first job ( so obviously its first resignation)and as a secretary I had gained much confidence from my boss....I know iam thinking very emmotionally in professional life....but what to do?:-(
Posted 11th August 2009 From India, Bangalore
ask for extension from your new employees. alternatively talk to your boss when he is relaxed. he will definitely consider your request. simultaneously make a list of important files you are handling and inform your boss where he can find the details of them. handover all the dox in your person to someone higher in your company (or HR) and have it acknowledged in mail with a cc to your boss, so that he will know who's had the charge. if possible come back over a weekend and help your present boss with clarifications, if any. it always makes to pay if you leave your present employment in good terms.
Posted 11th August 2009 From India, Madras
have no guilty feeling. if you have one, continue in your present employment. this is a dog eat dog world and each man/woman unto himself.

love your job, not your boss archana!!!

also let me tell you from experience, loyalty has few payers in today's world. keep your contacts green and wish them on their anniversaries, birthdays. that's it.
Posted 11th August 2009 From India, Madras
Well according to me....if you are in such a good relation with your boss..Sending out an email right away is not a good idea...i him...explain him the whole problem and the scenario....and then shoot out a formal mail....this will retain your personal touch and exhibit your professionalism!!

Dont worry...and i do agree there is no place for emotions in professional just need to make sure you leave on a healthy note!!
Posted 11th August 2009 From India, Delhi
plz send the HR resume with 1 year experience in payroll,Recruitment,Admin and general activities,office equipment maintainence
Posted 11th August 2009 From India, Hyderabad
hi archana, congratulation for new job. sms is not good way for your problem. you send a mail of resignation to other senior should request to your new boss for some extra time.
Posted 12th August 2009 From India, Calcutta
dear archana, life is very hard, if u have a good relationship with your boss. i think he will also happy for your new successs and there should no question about guilty. BEST OF LUCK
Posted 12th August 2009 From India, Calcutta
Hi Archana,

I think till now you must have spoken to your boss. Don't feel guilty. Remember one thing that no one is dependent on other in professional life in long run. If you have taken a decision of changing a job, that means you have thought over this before you decided.

In life we always learn many things from all the people around us, and specifically each boss in future also will teach u many things.

I do understand how you are feeling while leaving job, but you are not doing anything wrong. Respect your choice of new job and go with it.

congratulations and all the best.

Posted 12th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi! Archana,

You must have by now got your answer from the several very correct suggestions you have received.

You may like to use the following route:

1. Send your resignation by email to your Boss. Explain to him the circumstances in the correct perspective.

2. Follow this up with a telephone call and speak to him.

3. Do a proper handing over to the person he names.

4. Meet your Boss in person as soon as you can on his return. This is a very necessary formality.

Carry on from there in your new job.

Yes there is lot of merit in a very true observation...Love your job, not your Boss/organization.

I am sure you have seen "Corporate"!!!!

Please make your exit "NEAT"

Cheers !!!

Vasant Nair
Posted 12th August 2009 From India, Mumbai
You have several options:

* find out the location as to where the boss is and give him/her the courtesy of a call. Email is a bit unprofessional in this situation. A personal call is much more respectful. They will appreciate it.

* you can contact the new company and inform them that your boss is out of town and that you want to give him/her the common courtesy of a "leaving" notice. A professional company would understand this for they would want you to do the same for them.

* if by chance they "don't" what does this say about how they might treat an employee once they are on board? The best indicator of future performance is past performance.

Just food for thought. Be well and successful

Dr. Marc
PS 63:7
Posted 12th August 2009 From United States, Calhoun
I had given a call to my boss..and told him about the offer.he firstly tried to convince..But being a gentleman he quickly agreed to my decision...
today he came back and i handed him my resignation..Though he was a bit upset..But he accpeted the resignation most gracefully..After this iam expecting an exit interview today itself...Lets hope things figure out well.
Iam thankful to all those members who have provided me their useful suggestions..Thanx a lot for guiding me and removing that feeling of guilt to a larger extent......

Posted 14th August 2009 From India, Bangalore


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