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MY HERO - A World by Herself

** This write-up is made after hearing and reading from people about their expression of MOTHERLINESS in their words AND ofcourse.......there is MY HEART too**

HERO... what we think when we hear the word?....... People who sacrifice their lives with blood, sweat and tears to defend the nation? That’s right. But I think, a hero is not always the revolutionary, a hero can be….anything……..anyone. Many people think of themselves as the ‘Hero’, or a singer, or an actress. Even plants and animals can be heroes for people.

For me, MY HERO is someone that can make our life different than before, better and more useful than yesterday. My HERO is not a movie star or a famous singer. MY HERO never created a marvellous invention that could change the world and never won a Grammy, but has been far more of a hero to me than anyone else could be. My HERO never rescued anyone from a burning building or saved anyone from drowning in a river, but still a hero to me.

MY HERO is truly an amazing person who has given me the chance to experience life without the trouble, sadness, or bitterness. MY HERO is the most patient, gentle, good-hearted people I had seen in my life. MY HERO is my shoulder to cry on, my protector, my guardian and my life preserver who keeps me afloat in times where I feel as if my life has come to a brutal stop. MY HERO is extraordinary in the world, who takes care from “I can’t do anything to that of I can do a lot of things”, like now. MY HERO is all I could ever have, and never failed to be there for me whenever I needed. Without MY HERO, I would be nothing…….I would be lost and forgotten with no hope, no love, to call my own.

From the time even before I was born, MY HERO has been loving me by giving me everything I need…..holding me…..the big load……in the belly for more than 9 months……with no complaints at all…..sacrificing all favourite dresses. MY HERO will take care of me and always gives me attention as long as I’m still breathing in this world. Why? Because MY HERO Loves me a lot………how much????……..and I don’t know what I’m going to be without MY HERO.

To me…….the MY HERO is MY MOTHER……greatest hero of all. Hmmmm…….it doesn’t mean that I do not love my dad, but for now I just want to share with all of you about my mom. And it doesn’t mean too that the other mothers in the world are not as good as my mom. MY HERO is not just mine…….every child has their HERO……a MY HERO of their own…...GOD created one for them……and to every kid their MOTHER are the ‘best’ in the whole world. So, I really respect all the mothers in the world generally and my mom especially, Hmmmm…….that’s what will make everything fine…..right…...

On the day when we were born, she did not stop loving knowing and realizing that we just make her tired, urinate and pup every time, crying all the time, eating with messy, throw up in her clothes? No, she didn’t! She still loved ……and loving us, no matter what happens. Why? Because she loves us. Sometimes we forget about her kindness, don’t care whether she is healthy or needs something. Does she ever forget us like we sometimes forget her? I don’t think so.

She still remembers the first time we called her “Mom”. It was the first word we can say, and she couldn’t stop crying because she was so happy to hear it, as she did the first time we gave her a birthday present. She works very hard for our food, health, education and always gives her best to us.

We usually get angry and sad if she starts asking us to do something we didn’t want to. We refused her many times... I remember, I always refused her when she wanted me to eat the breakfast she had made in the morning, I refused her when she asked me to drink the bitter medicine though I was feeling so sick, I said NO when she asked me to wear one weird bag that she bought… seems little mistakes, maybe it is just like one in the uncountable of my mistakes I ever made to her.

Each of us made her cry, sad, upset or even feel depressed. And you know what? She still loves us. There are so many sins we have done to her... and every time we realize that, tears can’t stop falling down and we feel so bad for her. But in the next days, we do the mistakes again and again…..just because we usually think that we’re grown up now. We have our own passion to do everything we want. So we question – “why should she always have control over us???”

Stop for a second and give it a thought……..actually she does that for our own good. She never wants us to be sad and failing. Everything she does is always for us. Maybe if she can give the whole earth just to make us healthy, happy……. she would give it! In unlimited time and energy she always loves us --- for the rest of her life --- even if she doesn’t know if we can do the same thing for her. A Mother’s sacrifice is never ending, their love is never empty. A mother’s love is unlimited until the end of time. She always gives and never asks in return. Like the sunrise just makes the world seems so bright......

Just remember that a name is just a name. It does not make you who you are. And when someone asks you who your HERO is, you do not have to tell them the can just say……..MOTHER……MY MOTHER. Because she is the one who nurtures and protects us and hence universally called……..MOTHER.

Finally I found the answer for my question – ......……..why does she love me so much????…….how much????…….THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH……..I should have known it from the first time. Because MY HERO…….MY MOTHER loves me, that’s all…….as she is A WORLD BY HERSELF.

Shankar Anappindi
0 9849 669966
HR Executive
7th May 2005 From India, Visakhapatnam

dear shankar it is really a great piece of writing. wish ur hero a happy mother’s day on my behalf. from jayasri
7th May 2005 From India, Delhi
8th May 2005 From India, Mumbai
8th May 2005 From ,
Hello Jayasri, thank you for wishing my mother and for appreciating my thoughts. Respects, Shankar Anappindi 0 9849 669966 HR Executive KARVY Group HYDERABAD INDIA
9th May 2005 From India, Visakhapatnam
Hello Shanthi, Thank you for wishing my mother and my respect to you all. Shankar Anappindi 0 9849 669966 HR Executive KARVY Group HYDERABAD INDIA
9th May 2005 From India, Visakhapatnam
tht was an amazing piece of work hats off to all the mothers i at times wonder the source of their constant unbeatable source of energy :roll: happy mothers day everyone
9th May 2005 From India, Mumbai
Dear friends, Namaskar. Is the mother’s day for mothers like Ganga(wife of Shantanu) and Kunti(mother of Karna) also? Are such mothers non-existent in the contemporary world? Regards, Jogeshwar
9th May 2005 From India, Delhi
Dr. Jogeshwar Mahanta Ji!


Interesting question.

But, MOTHERS DAY is not typical day to pay respects to your or my mother. It is not about anyone's is about the MOTHERLINESS....and the HIGHNESS of it.

Be it the GANGA or second thoughts....whether its a contemporary world or for that matter the eternal place of peace and's only the MOTHERLINESS and its HOLINESS.....we should wear our heart on the knees and express our gratitude.

Shankar Anappindi
0 9849 6699966
HR Executive
10th May 2005 From India, Visakhapatnam
Sunayana, Thank you for your accord with the expressions. Shankar Anappindi 0 9849 669966 HR Executive KARVY Group HYDERABAD INDIA
10th May 2005 From India, Visakhapatnam


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