From "sankar3" : Hi To All, I am newly Appointed as a HR Execuitive....pls help me and guid me... what is My roles & responsibilities..... Seniors pls reply.......
3rd July 2008 From India, Hyderabad

nishikant 14
Your question is interesting and relevant too.
Your role and responsibilities should best be defined by the superior you are reporting to. While some general role and responsibility of HR function can be listed.
HR has following 3 roles to play:
So you can list various items relating to these and that can become part of your role and responsibility: e.g. Recruitment, Compensation Design, Induction/Orientation, Training and development, Job Rotation, Organisation Strucutre Review, Promotion decisions process, Employee Motivation - recognition and reward, career development, events to motivate employees - sports and cultural - team building activities, Employee Surveys, Implementation of Actions to improve employee satisfaction and motivation
Hope this helps
7th July 2008 From United States, Greensboro
Dear Sankar,
The Roles & Responsibilies of yours depends upon the HR Structure of your organization. Normally HR dept is divided into Talent Acquisition (Pre Recruitment ) and Employee Engagement (Post Recruitment). As an HR Executive you will be playing a supporting role depends on what you are taking care TA or EE or both. You can also refer to the JD of your position or you can get the KPI from your reporting manager.
1st December 2008 From India, Madras
Hi,PLANNING AND ORGANISING FOR WORK, PEOPLE AND HRM Strategic perspective Organisation design Change management Corporate Wellness management PEOPLE ACQUISITION AND DEVELOPMENT Staffing the organization Training & development Career Management Performance Management ADMINISTRATION OF POLICIES , PROGRAMMES & PRACTICES Compensation management Information management Administrative management Financial managementROLES The roles listed above are now described in terms of broad functions, activities and outcomes to illustrate more or less what the descriptions will look like once the Standard Generating Groups begin to work with each role in detail. PLANNING AND ORGANISING FOR WORK, PEOPLE AND HRM STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVE 1. Develop Human Resource plans and strategies aligned to the organisationís strategic direction. and business strategy. Provide tools and tactics to enhance execution of these strategies 4. Manage the interface between HRM processes and systems. 5. Formulate and communicate HRM policies. 6. Act as the conscience of employer with respect to people issues. 8. Assess the long-term impact of short-term decisions on people. 9. Manage people related issues accompanying mergers, alliances and acquisitions. ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN 1. Analyse work processes and recommend improvements where necessary. 2. Recommend options for organisational design & structure. CHANGE MANAGEMENT 1. Advise management on implications of change for employees. 2. Co-ordinate & facilitate the change process. 3. Facilitate changed relationships. 4. Provide support structures for employees during change. 5. Deliberate and proactive management of the changing environment and its implications for work and the organisation. CORPORATE WELLNESS MANAGEMENT > Develop and communicate policies and procedures with regard to the management of wellbeing > Manage occupational health and safety > Manage wellbeing (Employee Assistance programs & Health Promotion programs) TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT > Develop a training & development strategy according to the requirements of legislation and with the improvement of productivity and delivery as outcome. > Conduct a training needs-assessment including the assessment of prior learning and write training & development objectives based on the outcome thereof. > Conduct training & development. > Evaluate training & development with regard to the return on investment. > Promote training & development in the organisation. Thanks,Mothi
2nd December 2008 From India, Calcutta
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lavanya Hr
i am newly appointed as HR executive and admin in the same company, what is the roles and responsibilities of Hr in a company. from strating to ending like from intervies - eding, plsss could u help me
2nd June 2010 From India, Hyderabad
sachin.bms4 3
The following are job Responsibilities of HR Executive -
Recruitment -
1. Job Description,
2. Identify the Competencies required,
3. Identify the source for hiring,
4. Interview of the candidate,
5.Coordinate the interview with the respective department and
6. If selected, complete the documentation .
Operations -
1. Joining formalities.
2. Handling Employee Database
3. Leaves and Attendance Management
4. Handling the payroll
5. Managing advance Salary, Ad Hoc Bonuses, Loans
6. Confirmations, Performance Appraisals, Performance Management
8. Exit-Interviews
9. Full and Final Settlement
Employee Relation -
1)Handling all the queries of the employees. Be it related to Salary, Leaves, Attendance, and Transfer etc.
2) They are also expected to explain the various policies, strategies and benefits to employees.
3) They are expected to stop all type of rumours and misleading communications.
4) They should motivate the employees on day-to-day basis.
Sachin Kadam
2nd June 2010 From India, Pune
hi , this is mohan newly appointed as hrm in an IT company my previous experience as hr executive now i need roles and responsibilities of hr manager. pls help me.
8th June 2010 From India, Pune
kiran Prakash
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23rd August 2010 From India, Madras
Hi Seniors, i want some reference points of roles & responsibilities of Executive Assistant, Account Head, Account executives, Admin Executive, Tellecallers Pls provide points
5th September 2012 From India, Mumbai
M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar 631



• Organization Mission / Vision, Business Goals, Strategy
• Organization Life Cycle Stage
• Organization Competency Identification (Key Competencies Required)
 Competency Dictionary - Definitions
 Proficiency Levels Defined
 Existing Organization Competency Assessment
 Existing Proficiency Levels
 Competency Prioritization
 GAP Analysis
o Competency Map (Employee Ratings, Observed / Desired / Gaps)
 Employee Prioritization for Competency Development
 Competency Development Program
• Competency Mapping Industry/Competitor Analysis



 Performance Management & Review Mechanism
 Key Result Areas
 Key Performance Indicators (Highest / Ideal Performance Expected)
 Key Deliverables (Role Definition)
 Competence Required
 Position Descriptions Mapping across Organization
 Performance Agreement
 Goals / Objectives
 Key Deliverables (Role Definition)


• Performance & Potential Evaluation
 Goals / Objectives (Previous Year)
 Key Deliverables Assessment (3m,6m,9m,Yrly.)
 Developmental Deliverables Assessment (3m,6m,9m,Yrly.)
 Shortfalls in Deliverables Achievements
 Significant Achievements
 Strengths & Weaknesses
 Competency Ratings (Managerial/Behavioral/Functional)
 Trainings Received / Required Analysis
 Performance Scores (Deliverables & Competencies Ratings)
 Final Performance Ratings
 Miscellaneous Discussions
 Recommendations

• Rewards & Recognitions - What is to be Rewarded/Awarded?
 Overall Performance
 Critical Performance
 Spot Performance
 Personality Growth
 Loyalty Recognition
 Best of the Best (Individual, Team, Group Recognitions
• Developmental Deliverables (for Career / Succession Planning)
• Trainings Required (Objective, Priority, Evaluation Parameters)
• Organization Support Required
• Career Planning
• Succession Planning

Recruitment & Selection

• GAP Analysis / Future Requirements
• Budgeting New Manpower, Cost Estimates
• Recruitment Plan of Action (Numbers, Time Frame, Sources, Cost, Internal Movement)
• Internal Resources / External Resources
• Position Description
 Candidate Specification
 Experience Specification (Mandatory/Preferred)
 Key Performance Indicators (Highest / Ideal Performance Expected)
 Key Deliverables (Role Definition)
 Competence Required
• Sources of Manpower (External)
 Placement Consultants
 Job sites
 Advertisements
 Campus Recruitment
 Employee Referrals
 Head Hunting
 Networking
 Professional Institutions

• Vendor Relationship Management (Agreements, Contracts, Quotes)
• Manpower Requisition Process (Authorisation, Documentation, Closures)
• Selection Methodology
• Interview Process (Panel, Evaluation Methodology)
• Testing Processes (Test Instruments, Administration, Monitoring
• Documentation
• Forms & Formats (Requisition, Application Blanks, Interview Evaluations)
• Recruitment MIS Reports

Training & Development


• Training Needs Identification
• Skill-Gap Analysis
• Competency Map (Employee Ratings, Observed / Desired / Gaps)
• Training & Development Plans (Technical / Soft Skills / Knowledge)
 Competency Development Programme.
• Behavioural & Functional
 Skill Development Programme
 Performance Improvement Programme


• Training Calendar
• Prioritized List of Training Programmes
• Individual Analysis
• Faculty Feedback & Analysis
• Employee / Supervisor Feedback
• Developing Knowledge Sharing Practices
• Training Effectiveness Parameters
• Key Improvement Indicators Defined (Performance, Skills, Competence)
• Time Frame for Improvement
• Review Mechanism



• Oganisation’s philosophy & values
• Work Culture
• Best HR practices / Policy
• Grievance Management Process


• Employee Communication – formal & informal
 Notice Boards
 Intranet
 Emails
 Circulars
 Inter Dept meetings
 Dept Meetings
 Staff Meetings
 Suggestion Scheme
 Newsletter
• Work culture survey, Analysis & Findings
• Employee Satisfaction Survey, Analysis & Findings
• Effective Grievance Resolution



• Offer / Appointment Letters, Compensation Sheet, Contract Letters, Consultant Agreements etc.
• Salary Fitment Benchmarks / Salary Matrix
• Joining Formalities & Documentations
• Documentation Coding & Revision Guidelines
• Induction & Orientation Company Overview (History, Business, Market, Products/Services, Geography)
 Company Presentations
 Key Personnel Meetings
 Technical / Domain / Process Training Programme
• Maintaining & updating Personnel Files
• Compensation & Benefits Administration Salary Structure (Fixed, Variables, Perks)
• Employee Welfare Schemes
• Insurance Covers
• Retiral Benefits
• Tax Consulting
• Legal Compliances (Employment / Labor / Compensation Acts)
• Incentives, Motivational Allowances
• Employee Relations Employee Benefit Schemes
• Birthdays / Anniversaries
• Festival Events
• Sports Events
• Inter Dept Events / Competitions / Games / Quizzes
• Health & Safety Measures.
5th September 2012 From India, Coimbatore
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