One of our employee's salary is 18700; we entered 187000 (one lakh 87 thousand) and payment is done.
So, my question is, we have paid a huge amount. What do we do?
to adjust this amount in next month's contribution?
I am waiting for your reply.

From India, Kollam
Ravi BG
Hi, it’s Not Possible to refund excess amount. Once visit ESIC regional Office is better Regards Ravi HR
From India, Bengaluru

It is possible to adjust your excess contribution to your future dues, provided you must get approval from the ESI director office.
From India, New Delhi

Handling a situation where an incorrect salary payment has been made requires careful consideration and prompt action. Here are some steps you can take:

Verify the Error:
Double-check the mistake and confirm the incorrect payment amount. Ensure that it was indeed an error and not a misunderstanding.

Communicate with the Employee:
Inform the employee about the error as soon as possible. Transparency is crucial in such situations, and it's important to keep the employee in the loop.

Correct the Mistake:
Work with your payroll or finance department to correct the error. This may involve issuing a salary adjustment or a separate payment to correct the . Make sure to process the correction promptly.

Recover Over payment:
Discuss with the employee how the will be recovered. Options may include deducting the overpaid amount from future paychecks, setting up a repayment plan, or deducting it as a lump sum. The method will depend on the laws and regulations governing employment in your jurisdiction.

Legal and Ethical Considerations:
Ensure that your actions comply with employment laws and regulations in your region. Deductions from an employee's salary may be subject to legal restrictions, so it's important to be aware of and adhere to these rules.

Update Payroll System:
Adjust your payroll system to prevent the same error from happening again. This may involve implementing additional checks or controls in your payroll processes.

Document the Correction:
Keep thorough records of the error and the correction made. This documentation can be important for auditing purposes and can serve as a reference in case there are any disputes or questions in the future.

Training and Prevention:
Conduct training sessions with your payroll team to avoid similar errors in the future. Implement checks and balances in your payroll process to catch discrepancies before payments are made.

It's essential to handle this situation with sensitivity and professionalism to maintain a positive relationship with the employee. Open communication and a proactive approach will help in resolving the issue more effectively. If you have any doubts or legal concerns, consider consulting with your company's legal department or seeking advice from a professional accountant or labour law expert.


From India, Bangalore
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