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My father has taken a loan from a co operative society.and after his death I got appointed in the organisation on compassionate ground in which my father used to work to ensure survival of my family .after two month of joining the organistion started to deducting the remaining loan amount EMI without my permission.when I ask the authority about the deduction they say contact cooperative bank.after knowing that I contact the bank and then I got to know that their is rule that the bank will not sanction any loan without any insurance cover of the loan applicant.when I ask the bank about why my father got no insurance cover they just say that u have to pay the remaining loan amount whether it's right or wrong.after all this i contacted the authority of my organistion again and ask them to stop the deduction for whom I did not gave any permission.and they are not replying now.
Does it is possible to make any private deduction from my salary by my organistion without my permission .
I worked in a central government organisation .
Plss suggest any solutions

From India, Kanpur

This appears to be an illegal deduction. If you can lay hand on the loan documents your father had signed, pl go through them and see the implications. At any rate, it does not appear that an employee could authorise on his unfortunate demise, the deduction of the outstanding loan amount from the salary payable of the family member appointed on compassionate grounds. Try to ascertain more details about the insurance coverage.
You can give it in writing that the deduction is without authorisation and it has to be stopped forthwith and return the deducted amount.
If nothing succeeds, raise an RTI Query seeking details of the basis of the deduction made.

From India, Mumbai

Their is a certain statement in the loan form which mention that the cooperative bank can deduct the remaining loan amount from the gratutity and PF of the deceased employ and if the loan amount is still remain then they can recover that amount from tha salary of person got appointed on compasstionate ground in the organisation without any further intimation to that person .
I have informed my organisation organisation about the whole casebut the refuse to stop the illegal deduction.they said that they do not need any permission from me to make any such deduction .
The insuarance is mandatory to avail loan fron the bank as per their rules and regulations mention inf the loan form but bank is refusing to give any clarification to this.
Is is possible for a central government organisation to deduct such amount without the taking permission from the employ?

From India, Kanpur

Such recoveries are improper are illegal in terms of e Central Government Account (Receipts and Payments) Rules, 1983.

Even otherwise, it is settled law that the liability of the legal heir for the debts incurred by the deceased is limited to the estate they have inherited. Appointment on compassionate ground does not count as 'estate inherited'.

However, it could be that some colleagues/friends/relatives would have been the surety for the loan availed of. If so, non-settlement of the outstanding amount is bound to complicate the issues.

From India, Kochi

The loan sactioned by the cooperative bank has three securities 1 the insurance cover is mandatory for the member to get loan sactioned,2 six guarantors are compulsory to avail loan from bank last if the above two does not settle the loan then gratutity,PF and the salary of family memeber got appointed on compassionate
ground is also the security of the bank.

From India, Kanpur

You raised case under payment of wages that some unauthorized deductions are being made from your salary and wages every month.
From India, Mumbai
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