I am on consolidated pay and my pay is Rs.15,000 per month and i am getting an additional allowances like One Time Special Allowance of Rs.4000 and Additional Service Allowance with the following formulation -

for completion 3 years of service Rs.1000,
for completion of 5years of service Rs. 2000,
for completion of 7years of service Rs. 3000,
for completion of 10years of service Rs. 4000.

Can any one let me know how to calculate my pay as per the given structure on completion of the service of 3years, 5years, 7years, 10years.
for example does it will be like :

15000+4000+1000 = 20,000 -for 3years,
15000+4000+2000 = 21,000 - for 5years
15000+4000+3000 = 22,000 - for 7years
15000+4000+4000 = 23,000 - for 10years or

15000+4000+1000 = 20,000 - for 3rd year
20,000+2000 - for 5th year
22,000+3000 - for 7th year
25,000+4000 - for 10th year on consolidate pay

From India, Visakhapatnam

One Time Allowance means an allowance paid only once and it will not form part of salary. Additional Service Allowance is like an increment. As per your contract of employment, till three years you will get a salary of Rs 15000. Your salary will become Rs 16000 on completion of three years, and that will continue for another two years. When you complete five years you will get another increment ( in your employer's style, Additional Service Allowance) of Rs 2000 to make the salary Rs 18000. This will continue for another two years and when you complete total 7 years the salary would become Rs 21000. This will continue for three years and when you complete 10 years the salary would become Rs 25000.

Normally, every year there should be an increment and that will have a cumulative effect. The Onetime Special amount is paid only once in a year. If the employer is paying this 'one time' component every month, good, you should be getting Rs 19000 now and after three years this will become 20000, after five years this will become 22000 and so on.

You have to clarify what is 'Onetime' and whether you are getting it right now every month.

From India, Kannur
Dear Madhu T.K.
Thank your for your response.
yes, i am getting my One Time Special Allowance each and every month. But in the case of Additional service allowance on the 3rd year i got 15000+4000+1000=20,000, after completion of 05years service my office is calculating the same as per the following structure: 15,000+4000+2000 = Rs. 21,000 and giving the same. they are not calculating as 20,000+2000=Rs. 22,000. Can i question them and proceed legally if they refuse to give consolidated pay and splitting the same which i and my staff are losing the pay. please answer.

From India, Visakhapatnam

If you are in receipt of 'one time' payment every month, the same should be part of salary and the salary should be Rs 19000 for the first three years. Then it should become Rs 20000 for 3rd and 4th year. It should become 20000+2000= Rs 22000 from fifth year. The scale is always cumulative and the increment is added to the then existing base salary.

You can ask the HR of it and sometimes, it may be due to ignorance that the Personnel Officer is doing like this. You can go legally also if you don't get a satisfactory answer. But that is not recommended from my side. You will have to check the minimum wages notification by the government and the provisions relating to the salary as per your appointment order. There may be some wrong interpretation of the compensation offered. That needs to be clarified first.

From India, Kannur
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