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I am the HR of a company. We are facing a huge problem of certain employees not completing work within the assigned deadlines and taking way too many extra days to complete it. We are looking at coming up with a rule to deduct the salary on a pro-rate basis for each extra day a person is working on a missed deadline. Is this legal? We will be informing the employees at the start of the month about the rules and deadlines, and tasks are always clearly mentioned.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,
I will try to answer your queries. But before that I would like to inform you to have conviction and dare to expose your learning urge by providing identity.

Coming to your question, if the job is stand alone and purely individual based with some demonstrated evidence on completing the job within specified time, then you can consider and communicate first to employees about the proposed action for non completion of the assigned jobs on time or procrastinating to complete delay.

If the job is not in individual's full control then it is unfair for deduction of wages on pro-rate basis.

If it's manufacturing organisation, it is possible to provide standard manhour for completing each job, otherwise it is difficult.

Legally, if you have certified standing orders for the organisation you can take action based on the clauses provided therein. otherwise your offer of appointment should have the clause for deduction of wages for non completion of assigned jobs within the specified time.

From India, Ernakulam

Hi, You cannot blindly deduct salary just like that.

"Certain employees not completing work within the assigned deadlines and taking way too much extra days to complete the same " :- What is the quantum of work assigned and how you arrived at the deadline time for completion of assigned work ? Additional time took by those employees is due to their incompetency (or) lack of training (or) the volume of work assigned is high (or) act of procrastination (or) lack of infrastructure?. Have you analyzed the above ? Without analyzing the reasons directly implementing pro rata salary deduction will have adverse impact. More over it won't be legal. So find out the root cause first actual reasons behind delayed completion of work.

From India, Madras

A person who is on a monthly salary is to be paid for his time.
Therefore, you care not allowed to deduct salary for any reason other than absence from work, or what is allowed under Sec 6 and 7 of Payment of wages act.

Your proposal is lucrudious and stupid.
If I were the employee, I would simply not bother to show up for work if I am not getting paid for it.
If you really have a problem on this, at best you can offer a bonus to those who complete the work in the deadline.

From India, Mumbai
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