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Please anyone solve my query
I went to an Interview in a recent times...
Head HR asked me a question
100 Workstation is available-
3 Shifts- 8 hrs per shift
How many no of employees needed to keep 100 workstation busy all the time in a day?
Please Help me out

From India, Chennai
I would like to know what sort of work they are going to do on that workstation
From United States, Houston

Hi Shassy,
I am vinay here keeping 100 work station busy in 3 Shifts. Simple answer would be Only 3 employees and 1 for backup if needed.
Y and how
100 workstations if its monitoring can be on 1 tool monitored by 1 person per shift
100 workstation performing and support 1 person still can do it on remote session
100 network station can still be maintained by 1 person,
if u are running 3 shifts its 24/7 meaning u need 24hrs coverage so its 3 persons and 1 for backup in-case of high workload.
next time answer ur question putting urself in company shoe (cost effective)

From United States, Fremont

pl. go through given below details-
Nos. of machine = 100
nos. of working shift= 03 shift ( 08 hrs per shift)
according to me total manpower which is need to run the total machine = 316.5
because 300 manpower is need for operating 100 machine in a day and we need reliever also so 01 reliever is to be need between 1-6 manpower.
so total reliever = 16.5 ( 16.5X 6= 99)
so total manpower = 300+ 16.5 = 316.5

From India, Rudarpur

Gautham, I stil feel 4 are enough... I was working in IBM earlier we use to manage 4000+ workstation in a shift again Single person... Theory is fine in practical 1 would do good
From United States, Fremont

pl. do some modification total manpower will be = 349.5 because 16.5 reliever is required for 100 employee so for 300 employee = 16.5 X 3= 49.5 so total Manpower = 349.5
From India, Rudarpur
Hi Shassy12,
First clarify the question.
Total No of Workstations are 100 or Each shift workstations are 100.
Total workstations 100 then answer is 38 no's
If it each shift 100 workstations am agree wirth Mr. O.B.Gautam.

From India, Hyderabad

The answer is simple. To man a workstation on round the clock basis there is a need for 3.5 persons. So 100 X 3 5 is 350.
Basis for calculation is that to give the mandatory weekly off we need one person as reliever for eveey 6 employees. So for 3 persons it is 3 5 employees.
However if you need to give government holidays casual leave etc we need one releiver for every three workers which would make it to 400 persons. Depends upon company policy. Hope it clarifies the position. M S Khan

From India, Thane

so 100 workstation=100 computers they are operated one single person at a time so three shifts of 8 Hrs per day
3*100 = 300 manpower required to operate 100 computer in three shifts is 300. that\'s it

From India, Bangalore

Dear Friends, You are only considering the part but need to work out the implications wrt the leave ie., CL/SL/EL & National and festival holidays hence the no of reliving staff may increase.
From India, Hyderabad
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