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i have 2 choices
either join a consultancy or a manufacturing unit
both are tentative...and i havent said yes to either....
im very very confused
the consultancy is an ok job....
the office is in a shabby locality and i hadnt heard abt the consultancy until yesterday
whereas the manufacturing firm is well known....locality is not gr8..but ok.
it wld look cool on my CV.
my duvidha -
Both have almost the same job profile.
i have worked in a manufacturing unit earlier as a summer job
and my prof has always tld me tht for a fresher like me....a consultancy is the best stepping stone
plz guide me
which one is a better opportunity ...

From India, Mumbai

Hi Can u please tell me what is your education background, so that I can help u in better way???? :?: :?: dsv
From India, Delhi
Rajat Joshi

Hi Sunayna,
Congratulations on bagging two offers!! :D
My my somebody has grown up to join the industry..
We all very understand your dilemma as we all have been in your shoes once upon a time.. :)
I remember when i had to make a similar professor had commented that one should opt for the one which would ensure you would learn a lot in the process..his logic was that man( also woman) is the only asset whose value appreciates over a period of time compared to other assets which depreciates..of course except the real estate.. :D
What you have to tell us is that what is the job profile?..which would determine whether to go for consultancy or manufacturing..
Congrats once a again..

From India, Pune

i have given my TYBMS exam and awaiting my results to confirm my graduation :wink:

BMS is bachelor of management studies

i have experience in summer jobs taj, Godfrey phillips and business india

hullo mr Rajat

thank you

its lovely to see ur msg


it makes sense

about the profile

both have the same

in the manufacturing firm - BLUESTAR....the job is on contract basis...for around 3 months..

but they said tht they usually extend it if need be and i work well

and there is one more consultancy..not tht dingy earlier one..

this one is called Pristine..... its around 2-3 yrs old.....and there are only 3-4 ppl working...the responsibility and the exposure tht i will get here is enormous

her clients are ICICI, max new york life , tata aig...and other financial firms.

i was absolutely flattered by the way it is managed and the job i was being offered advantage is tht she is flexible and has allowed me to leave at 4 pm so i can attend my CAT preparation classes

pristine sounds a lot lot better than bluestar

my only worry is tht .... bluestar wld look better on my resume as compared to pristine

but if u consider the job profile...the responsibility n exposure at pristine is no doubt very HIGH. inclined towards pristine....but definitely want to know wt everyone has to say..

especially mr Rajat...this is not the first and definitely not the last time tht i am asking for gyaan...ur gyaan has always been very helpful. so temme soon

From India, Mumbai
Rajat Joshi

Hi Sunayna,

So you want my gyaan???.. :) :D i wonder how it has helped you..well jokes apart..

We can see that you are sold out on it matches your expectations in terms of job profile(but you haven't mentioned the same?) and time off for CAT preparation.

Very understandable situation..

Try to look at this situation that you have completed your MBA and you are called for interviews at the institutes frequented companies..who would select you on the basis of your CV and academics..

If am a Recruiter...

Keep the following points in mind..

Would this company Pristine be there in the market after two years?...

The exp gained in this company would help you to complement your academics compared to Blue-star?..

It's unfair for me to assess the situation from the other side ..its you who have to decide the same..

Ask your heart and am sure the decision would be easier..

Also think as how you would answer the questions from that perspectives..

Best of Luck!!



If in future if you are in similar situation..this article may help you..

Questions to Ask to Help Evaluate Job Offers

Source :Adapted from Planning Job Choices: 1997 by Keith Johnson

The Position

Why is the job open?

How long has it been open?

What happened to the previous incumbent?

What would your specific responsibilities be?

Are the goals set for the position realistic and attainable?

Can you successfully accomplish the responsibilities of the position?

What is your growth potential in this position?

How does this position fit into your short-term and long-term goals?

Do the daily work activities appeal to you?

Will you be developing new skills and experience?

Are the demands of the job compatible with your desired lifestyle?

Your Supervisor

How long has he/she been in the position?

To whom does he/she report?

What is his/her growth potential?

Do you think you can work well with this person?

Future Opportunities

What might I expect to be doing over the next three to five years?

How much freedom do employees have to determine their own job movement and duties?

What could be done if an employee does not feel challenged or satisfied?

Are lateral or rotational job moves available to provide broader experience?

How do promotional opportunities become available?

Employer's Continuing Education Programs

How are employees able to stay current on changes and trends in their field?

How are employees encouraged to continue their professional development over the long term?

How have employees taken advantage of employer sponsored continuing education programs?

What kind of training is provided for prospective supervisors or managers?

Quality of Management

What is the quality of the company's management?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of management?

What are management's basic philosophies in managing the business and employees?

What do your employer's managers and supervisors have in common?

How does a person become a manager or supervisor at this employer?

Does the management team consist of new hires or people promoted from within?

Does the company have a high retention rate of employees or a problem with attrition?

Employer's Values

What are the employer's values? What does the employer stand for?

How are the employer's values reflected in everyday activities?

What kind of people are most successful or satisfied at your company?

Employer's Compensation Philosophy

What is the employer's compensation philosophy compared with other employers?

What kind of increase might I expect over the first several years?

How are individual increases determined?

How are changes to the benefits package made to keep it up to date with employee needs?

From India, Pune

Hi Sunanya,
Congrats for bagging the job offers.
Though I am still a student of HR but would like to share my bit of Gyaan regarding your query.
Pristine,is this whats the name of the consultancy?
I agree with Mr Joshi
But I have a different view point too, Blue star is offering you a contract job,isnt it? so you have to keep this in mind too.
Contract jobs can make you susceptible for the similar kind of jobs and the offers that you may get after this maybe contract jobs only.
Confused??? I dont think that there should be any probs joining Pristine as even if the company closes down,you will have the exp certificate and that is what really matters (if they provide you one,probation issues)
Alrite now,wherez the big party? Velocity, Enigma, Liquids............?
Shana Kuwa iz waiting.....
Sonit Singh

From India, Hyderabad

Hi Sunayna,
Well in my opinion u can join Pristine company.
You are a graduate and planning to do take CAT exams in coming years. By joining this company (as u told earlier) u will get enough time for preparation of CAT exam and u will get enormous opportunity.
But The Final Decision is yours. What u find best do it & best of luck for ur future.

From India, Delhi
Rajat Joshi

Hi Sunayna, I agree with views expressed on Sonit and you can add one more to the list..Hawain Shack :D :D .. Cheers, Rajat
From India, Pune

see i knew tthe gyaaan wld help
i chose PRISTINE
i think it will remain in the market for along time....
atleast i hope
the job here is goood...
my boss is really sweet..colleagues are write more in my blog later
i m happpy working here...
i think i made the right choice.
PS - i cldnt reply wasnt connected

PPS - i am really thankful to everyone for responding to my query
and giving me gyaan

From India, Mumbai

Dear Friend,
There is no much different. But one thing regarding consultancy; please
specy wheather your designated or through any agency.
If it is direct job designation there is nothing to avoid from the statutory
point of view. You will be entitled to P.F, ESI, Bonus etc.
Next after shifting the next job you may face some problems, some of the employers may not giving importance for such designated employees.

From India, Kakinada
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