Hi All, In my company irrespective of saying several time employees never adhere to dress code and nver wear their ID Card.
I personally feels if the employees are not keen to wear a simple ID card for 8 hrs what pride they can echo in the market?
Being a HR guy i want all the employees to respect the policies what we had framed keeping in mind several factors.
We focus on formal wear to show professionalism to various customers who come to us for businees.
Can anyone share with me a Sample Dress Code Policy & ID Card policy.

From India, Hyderabad
why don’t you ask your employees why they do not like wearing the ID card or formal attire...May be your problem will be solved once you know the reasons of it.
From Singapore, Singapore

Yes.. get the feedback from the members who dont adhere to the dress code or wearing ID card. You will come to know whether it is a sheer attitude problem or something practial about it. For e.g. we have a uniform policy for office assitants and drivers only. The company provides them the material and reimburse the stitching charges. Till a few years ago, there was reluctance in wearing the uniform. When asked, every one voiced that they did not like the colour of the uniform and the shirting cloth did not allow ventilation at all. Both the problems were addressed to their satisfaction. No defaulters now.
You may have a similar problem here. If it is attitude problem, deal it with initial prompting and sterner action subsequently.
Rgds. Venkat

From India, Mumbai
Hi Vinay,
Why don't you arrange for something which is called a group disscussion or a small time get together and ask questions as one of our friend suggested then try to convey that dress code doesn't bound you to some particular pattern but will gives a uniformaty in an organisation.

Jason Roland
We had to require that our office staff be measured and fitted for their uniforms. Essentially, many of them wore clothing that was much too baggy for their body types, and this lead to a very unprofessional and unstructured look. Therefore, the solution was to choose a uniform company to provide us with suiting. Before this, it was a business casual office; however now we are business formal because it is easier and looks much better.

We chose the fabric, the suiting, and the accessories. Then, about a week before delivery, each employee was measured for a strict fit. Upon delivery, the employees each received their three uniform suits, and each person had clothing that fitted them snugly (but properly) at the waist, the neck, and everywhere else that counts. Granted, some of them are unhappy and claim to be uncomfortable, but they haven't quit! Additionally, customers have complimented us on our uniformity, professionalism, and formality.

In the end, sometimes dress codes are not democratic, and employees must accept this or move on.


From United States, San Diego

Dear Mr. Vinay I’m in a process of drafting HR policy & i want to add dress code policy in it .If it’s possible then please share your dress code policy with me.. Regards
From India, Faridabad

The company must strictly order the employees about dress code and ID card policy then the employees will adhere to it. I think so!!
From India, Hyderabad

Shall we wear Jeans shirt and Jeans part on saturday as a casual wear. Pl clarify anyone.
From India, Chennai
Hi Please help out with current TA and DA policy
From India, Bengaluru
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