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Here you can post your queries related to your employment. Please seek clarifications politely and WITHOUT mentioning company or individuals involved. Senior mentors will help and clarify your position.
11,264 62,094
Topics related to employer/employee disputes. Senior mentors will help clarify your position - Do not mention names of company or individuals - focus on the issue. Please consult and verify any information with certified professionals.
688 3,102
Post any kind of business or service requirements here.
1,609 3,178
Share resources - online freelance opportunities.
106 197
Post your Job openings here. Please do not post job openings elsewhere - they are mostly removed.
586 889
Post your queries here if you are looking for advice related to outsourcing your HR or other development projects.
330 940
Corporate Events, Meetings & Conferences being organized in different cities.
191 350
Topics related to training projects & trainer consultant requirements on consulting, full time training positions.
147 265
121,258 556,707
Discuss & share HR-related ideas, HR policies and industry practices.
78,232 351,722
Queries, discussions and ideas for employee engagement activities and methods.
165 880
Inspirational stories, articles & reports to build team spirit, success habits.
4,106 9,757
Here you can target your quesion to the industry seniors. Senior members are requested to review the questions posted in this forum.
10,403 56,928
Resources & information related to forms, formats, questionnaires, survey techniques & other resources.
3,418 14,374
Queries related to starting up an organization - get useful advice from Human Resource Experts.
339 1,114
Discussions Related To Benefits | Compensation | Job Analysis, Evaluation & Grading | Non-monetary Rewards | Pay Equity | Payroll | Time & Attendance Management
6,033 32,298
Discussions Related To Absenteeism | Conflict & Dispute Resolution | Discipline | Discrimination | Harassment | Health | Interpersonal Communications | Safety | Union Relations
7,868 42,197
Discussions Related To Career & Succession Planning | Communication Programs | Creativity and Innovation | Decision Making | Diversity | Employee Satisfaction | Employee Surveys | Workforce Planning | Leadership
856 3,355
Discussions & Resources Related To Employee Portal | ERP/HRMS | HR Issues | Implementing HR Systems | Technology | HRIS And other emerging technologies
718 3,065
Discussions Related To Delivery | Design & Development | Evaluation | Needs Assessment | Orientation Programs | Training Management & Administration
2,957 12,188
Discussions Related To Knowledge Management | Learning Organizations | Management Skills | Organization Design | Intellectual capital | Organizational Adaptation | Survival | Competencies
1,236 2,821
Discussions related to Performance Management/Appraisal techniques and process. Process of improving business performance by assessing progress toward achieving predetermined goals.
1,375 7,291
Managing the budget for HRM functions (Training and development, IR compensation, Employment Equity). Measuring the financial impact of human resource systems.
461 1,532
Discussions related to various Safety & Health policies of companies. Please post your queries and resources here.
1,985 10,616
This section hosts the best cases which were discussed in the community. You can't create a new discussion here but can add your comments in the discussions.
29 421
Discuss & share recruiting techniques, related resources and industry practices.
560 3,809
2,413 8,023
Locate opportunities, prepare yourself for interviews & know what to expect from your interviewer. Tips from the HR professionals.
1,240 3,809
Career Progression - Discussions related to making the right choices for your career. Ask HR professionals about the best career prospects and get industry insights to make an informed decision about your career.
1,113 3,987
411 1,319
Share useful information, website links & other business related information in this section.
341 1,124
20,263 74,540
Experiences, stories or anything you would want to share with the community.
10,507 32,134
Here's a place to share your throughts & to unwind during your "day life". Let's take a break from HR & talk about what else you do.
2,233 5,862
Share jokes and funny stories or incidents from your office on this special forum specially created on request of our members.
7,447 36,357
259 967
Collection of articles on various issues related to the HR field. Please give proper credit to the original writer of the article and preferably also the link to the original article.
244 933
1,121 4,353
Human Resource Management Courses. Business schools are requested to add their listing as a new thread along with a short description & link. Please mention the country where the course is available.
406 1,408
Resources for business school admission/semester tests.
207 933
A section for sharing and requesting information related to research and assignments.
487 1,973

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