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Rahul Menon
Hi friends,
I am rahul menon and i am looking for a extensive training material for us accent for my company which can be used for training purposes and can be covered in 2-3 weeks. kindly help me with the same or pls do provide me with any links where i can get the same. Please treat this as an emergency.
Rahul Menon

From India, Ahmadabad

Hi Try to search in this website itself usig download option and you would get a lot of them .... Cheers AparnaSuresh
From India, Mumbai

You can try elaborating these points further....

What is an Accent

An accent is a pronunciation characteristic of a particular group of people relative to another group.

American Accent:

An Overview

American Accent is matter of flow.

There is no need to put in an extra effort. If you have to then that means something is wrong.

Plosive Sounds

•Vowel Sounds

•T Rule

•R Sound

•Z, H, L

Plosive Sounds:

Pure Perfect

•P : Peter

•T : Tom

•K : Kilo

Impure Perfect

•B : Bob

•D : David

•G : Grey

Plosive P Sounds:

•American P is pronounced with a gush of air.

•It is different from Indian “ph” sound

•American P is pronounced with a gush of air.

•It is different from Indian “ph” sound


•“Pauline, Peter and Patrick were all perfect in their professional college. Patrick pretty much knew it all. Pauline and Peter picked up their degrees prior to Patrick”. “Pave our path for prosperity was their pledge”. “Patrick and Pauline would dream of places where they could procure peace and harmony. People would always pity the poor kids, for how much they would pressurize themselves in their studies”.

• “A pilgrimage pondered and wandered.

Plowing through peals of apples,

Polishing and picking and poking,

Hoping to find one promising.”

•Tongue Twister

“A peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked,

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,

Where’s the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked.”

Practice these words with right “P” Sounds.

Plymouth Pittsburg Poker Pamela Patricia Providence Payment Program Papa Paul .

T’ Rules:

Rule 1

‘T’ at the beginning of a word is a sharp T and it is pronounced with a burst of air.


•It took ten times to try the telephone.

•Stop touching Ted’s toes.

•Turn towards Stella and study her contract together.

•Tell Tyler to take two turns this time.

•Tina tried to tame Ted’s tiger on Tuesday

Rule 2

Whenever single or double ‘T’ is between two vowel sounds it becomes soft ‘D’ sound.

•What a good idea.

•Get a better water heater.

•Put it in a bottle.

•Betty bought a bit of better butter.

•Go get a letter opener

Rule 3

Whenever ‘T’ is at the end of the word it is a held T


•Take it.

•It’s what they want to get.

•Put them back in the pot.

•What did you find at that site?

•She hit the hot hut with her hat.

Special ‘T’ Rule (for understanding)

Whenever ‘T’ is preceded by ‘N’, ‘T’ is silent and ‘N’ is pronounced twice.

•The person who speaks fast would use the above mentioned rule. A person who would speak slowly would say the plosive ‘T’.


•Internet = Innernet.

•Percentage = Percennage

•Printer = prinner

•Twenty = Twenny

Enter = Enner


•He interrupted twenty interviews in Toronto.

•There were a large percentage of international students.

•He won’t even interfere with the interaction.

•He’s at the Intercontinental Hotel.

•He wasn’t even helping was he?

•Trevor, Todd and Teresa would tie up together every night, and go out for the movies. Their favorite movie was “The teacher taught the truth to Tony”. Todd and Teresa were quite fond of tourism, in fact they thought of touring together to twenty different tourist spots. Trevor, however was a typical untidy person, so for him packing for tour seemed terrible.

•Tongue Twister

Tick tock, tick tock, the clock ticked

A timeless ticking and tricking

A tremendous effort, but time

Always won what mattered

Thirty thrifty three toms watched the tower.

Plosive “Kh” Sounds

•American “k” is pronounced with a gush of air.

•It is different from Indian “kh” sound



•Catherine, Katy and Kelly were quite close when it came to being companions. Kelly and Katy, could not keep a secret, they couldn’t care much for privacy. Catherine, kept a close contact with Katy’s brother, cooper, who stayed in California. Cooper co-operated a lot to cope with Catherine’s habit of cake baking. She would bake a cake for Cooper and Kelly, but would fall short to keep a slice of cake for Katy.

•The Kite that beat the kite,

That was the other kite.

That shifted kites to the other kit.

That was a kitten’s ball of kitty wool

•Tongue Twister

Coughing through the corridor

Carefully coping

With clusters of people

What a cold I have

Vowel Sounds

•A, E ,I, O, U are the vowel sounds.

•Americans stress on the vowel sounds.

•Opening of mouth wide not vertically but horizontally.


•Option Aeption

•Case Khaise

•Webpas Webpaes

Rolling of ‘R’ Sound

•In American English ‘R’ is like a Vowel and the tongue is rolled at the time of pronouncing it.




‘Th’ sound

•The “Th” Sound can be pronounced like “s” between the teeth, or, with the buzzing sound

•Throw Them

•Thelma Those

•Thomas Brother

•Thank you Father

‘Q’ Sound

•There is no ‘Q’ sound in American English, it is ‘Khue’.

Queen Khueen

Quite Khuite

Quarrel Khwaerel

Silent ‘E’ sound

•When ‘E’ is at the end of a word it is not pronounced




H’ and ‘L’ Sounds

•H is aich

HP Harry Hamilton

•L is ail

Lima Loss Linda

V’ and ‘W’ Sounds

At the time of pronouncing ‘V’ lower lip comes in contact with the teeth

“W” is a Glide

Vision View Vulnerable Vacant Vagabond Vial Validate Valid

Virtual Value Valentine Victory Vanish Vanilla Vacant

Victor Vickerson voted to review the very vilest version of the veto to avoid a controversy.

Even Evan reviewed Virginia’s available provisions for the vacation as inevitably devoid of value.

Evan eventually arrived at the village and saved the day with vast amounts of venison & veal.

Wine Window Went Where When Wellington Willful

Wonderful Dwell Wild Whichever `Width Waiter While

Where were we in the World War – I? On one wonderful Wednesday, we were wandering in Westwood with a wonderful woman from Wisconsin, whose name was Wanda for weeks, and we were wondering when we would wear out our welcome. I’ve been waiting since winter.

''Z" sound:

Zulu Zebra Zen Zenith



From India, Vadodara
Rahul Menon
Thank u nandini That was very helpful of u i would surely elaborate on these points and have a module done. Once again thank u for ur help :). Regards Rahul Menon
From India, Ahmadabad

From India, Mumbai

please call me on any help regarding training,i am a trainer and a training coordinator,my num is 9836711509
From India, Delhi
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