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I recently appeared in an interview where the HR Head asked me that why the HR person takes first round of interview and than after candidate appears in IInd round of interview with Technical Person.
Why not the technical person can handle both the responsibilities???
Why we do arrange first meeting with HR person???
I had no reply to this question.
Please help me.
Fahim Khan

From India, Delhi
Senior Hr Officer
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India's 1st Strategic Strengths Coach, Corporate
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The main reason why HR takes the first round is because:
1. HR should analyse where the candidates matches the expected job profile. Have set marks defined for all questions asked and based on the percentage which he/she gets in the HR round he/she should be forwarded for Technical Round
2. Should have some verifications with respect to the organizations that he/she has worked.
3. Analyse where the candidate can be an asset or a liability to the organization.
4. Whether he/she matches the monetary budget.
5. Do prior verification to check if the candidate is not a fake.
These various aspects wouldn't be consider by the technical interviewer since his core focus will be technical and work related responsibilities only. And also this information has to be checked prior so that only right candidates are forwarded for further rounds.

From India, Mumbai
I completely agreee meenal.... and overand above it will save the time of the hiring Manager as he does not have "interviewing" as the only work...
& then it would really make no difference of we being in the system....
what would be a recruiters business then,,,, only sourcing and explaining the salary annexure.... No right... :D

From India, Mumbai
Its strange the way people/ employee perceive HR as just the ones who handover these three letters:
1.Offer letter
2.Appointment Letter
3. Exit/Releiving Letter.
There is a huge gamut of activties which the Smart HR Managers are playing today.
Meenal Thakkar

From India, Mumbai

1)The first round with HR is to first make the candidate feel at ease with the questions already known to him like tell me about ur self,work experience etc

2)In this round there are many aspects that an HR judges ex:communication skills,eye contact,body language,thought flow,expressions and mainly we would get to know abt the attitude of that person

3)A person with the desired qualifications (ie) a best fit with required experience having all the above parameters along with logical and analytical ability is sent to next round as he satisfies the basic requirement for the given post apart from technical skills

ur question as to why not the technical recruiter take the intial round

Technical person has sound knowledge about technical work aspect but need not be the same in all the other areas

But an HR person need not have complete technical knowledge but must and should have all the other abilities to judge the candidate

Hence a person specialised in every aspect is termed as an HR who reflects the image of the company and the people working in it

cheers sandhya


Any type of industry/organisation/establishment is run by man. So effective utilisation of manpower is a key for success of any industry. To select and deploy a right man on right job is one of the key activity of personnel management. Here personnel managers concentrates more. To assess the psychology of candidates questions relating to personal background, social background etc. of the candidate are asked by HR professional. . That is the reason why personnel people asks question first to assess your psychological factor and know the interest of candidate to join organisation.The eligibility of candidate with regard to qualification/experience, age/issue of appointment letter etc. are the jobs of HR departments but not of HR managers who is of the stature of taking interview.
From India, Calcutta
While I agree with all that is said above, I feel that the first and the most important reason why the first round is taken by HR is so that the ATTITUDE of the candidate is scanned as ATTITUDE is the most crucial point to be tested!!!


I appreciate the different views said above.
One point i would like to add is that, in today's business scenario the most important quality that organizations look for in their employees is how they face challenges and try to cope up with difficult situation, apart from their domain knowledge.
In such situations HR round of interview is helpful because only an HR can read individual's psychology and judge a person whether he gets demotivated because of the work pressure or he can handle tough situations in the organization or not.
Thus HR round is conducted at the intial stage to scrutinize the candidates properly. Thus right candidates are shortlisted for next level. It thus helps in reducing recruitment cost and time.
Harsha Nathwani
Indira Institute of Management

I agree with all of you for reasons of first screening done by HR. I would liketo add upon :
1) We do initial screening to know if the resume we have short-listed is at par with the candidate (Verification of CV;s)
2) Definitely as mentioned by one of the member - to know about candidates ATTITUDE.
3) Certain details like CTC - which technical person won't know. Basically HR screening also helps in knowing the monetary expectations of the candidate and depending upon Co.'s budget HR can decide to take the call further or not.
4) Also the communication skills which helps in screening by HR , if the position demands lots of inetractions/discussions.
5) Essentially HR interviews helps in saving upon total time as well involved in hiring a candidate by doing initial screening.
May be there is lot more.....which our experience can tell.



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