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Thread Started by #fahim.hrd

I recently appeared in an interview where the HR Head asked me that why the HR person takes first round of interview and than after candidate appears in IInd round of interview with Technical Person.
Why not the technical person can handle both the responsibilities???
Why we do arrange first meeting with HR person???
I had no reply to this question.
Please help me.
Fahim Khan
1st February 2008 From India, Delhi
The main reason why HR takes the first round is because:
1. HR should analyse where the candidates matches the expected job profile. Have set marks defined for all questions asked and based on the percentage which he/she gets in the HR round he/she should be forwarded for Technical Round
2. Should have some verifications with respect to the organizations that he/she has worked.
3. Analyse where the candidate can be an asset or a liability to the organization.
4. Whether he/she matches the monetary budget.
5. Do prior verification to check if the candidate is not a fake.
These various aspects wouldn't be consider by the technical interviewer since his core focus will be technical and work related responsibilities only. And also this information has to be checked prior so that only right candidates are forwarded for further rounds.
1st February 2008 From India, Mumbai
I completely agreee meenal.... and overand above it will save the time of the hiring Manager as he does not have "interviewing" as the only work...
& then it would really make no difference of we being in the system....
what would be a recruiters business then,,,, only sourcing and explaining the salary annexure.... No right... :D
1st February 2008 From India, Mumbai
Its strange the way people/ employee perceive HR as just the ones who handover these three letters:
1.Offer letter
2.Appointment Letter
3. Exit/Releiving Letter.
There is a huge gamut of activties which the Smart HR Managers are playing today.
Meenal Thakkar
1st February 2008 From India, Mumbai

1)The first round with HR is to first make the candidate feel at ease with the questions already known to him like tell me about ur self,work experience etc

2)In this round there are many aspects that an HR judges ex:communication skills,eye contact,body language,thought flow,expressions and mainly we would get to know abt the attitude of that person

3)A person with the desired qualifications (ie) a best fit with required experience having all the above parameters along with logical and analytical ability is sent to next round as he satisfies the basic requirement for the given post apart from technical skills

ur question as to why not the technical recruiter take the intial round

Technical person has sound knowledge about technical work aspect but need not be the same in all the other areas

But an HR person need not have complete technical knowledge but must and should have all the other abilities to judge the candidate

Hence a person specialised in every aspect is termed as an HR who reflects the image of the company and the people working in it

cheers sandhya
1st February 2008
Any type of industry/organisation/establishment is run by man. So effective utilisation of manpower is a key for success of any industry. To select and deploy a right man on right job is one of the key activity of personnel management. Here personnel managers concentrates more. To assess the psychology of candidates questions relating to personal background, social background etc. of the candidate are asked by HR professional. . That is the reason why personnel people asks question first to assess your psychological factor and know the interest of candidate to join organisation.The eligibility of candidate with regard to qualification/experience, age/issue of appointment letter etc. are the jobs of HR departments but not of HR managers who is of the stature of taking interview.
2nd February 2008 From India, Calcutta
While I agree with all that is said above, I feel that the first and the most important reason why the first round is taken by HR is so that the ATTITUDE of the candidate is scanned as ATTITUDE is the most crucial point to be tested!!!

2nd February 2008
I appreciate the different views said above.
One point i would like to add is that, in today's business scenario the most important quality that organizations look for in their employees is how they face challenges and try to cope up with difficult situation, apart from their domain knowledge.
In such situations HR round of interview is helpful because only an HR can read individual's psychology and judge a person whether he gets demotivated because of the work pressure or he can handle tough situations in the organization or not.
Thus HR round is conducted at the intial stage to scrutinize the candidates properly. Thus right candidates are shortlisted for next level. It thus helps in reducing recruitment cost and time.
Harsha Nathwani
Indira Institute of Management
2nd February 2008
I agree with all of you for reasons of first screening done by HR. I would liketo add upon :
1) We do initial screening to know if the resume we have short-listed is at par with the candidate (Verification of CV;s)
2) Definitely as mentioned by one of the member - to know about candidates ATTITUDE.
3) Certain details like CTC - which technical person won't know. Basically HR screening also helps in knowing the monetary expectations of the candidate and depending upon Co.'s budget HR can decide to take the call further or not.
4) Also the communication skills which helps in screening by HR , if the position demands lots of inetractions/discussions.
5) Essentially HR interviews helps in saving upon total time as well involved in hiring a candidate by doing initial screening.
May be there is lot more.....which our experience can tell.
2nd February 2008
3rd February 2008

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Apart from agreeing to all what is relied to your post I feel the most important reason for 1st HR round is because HR exec is the person who knows his organization well than any one else in the company.
He/she is the right person to judge if the said candidate to be interviewed can fit in the culture of their organization. Can organization rely on the candidate for getting the job done.
But most of the HR Execs. forgets this prime objective and ends up formalizing the secondary above mentioned objectives.
3rd February 2008 From India, Pune
So Effectively HR screening helps the organization to save upon time , cost and overall smoothness. HR is the backbone of any organization !!!!
4th February 2008 From India, Mumbai

You said I don't agree.

In terms of functionality, (especially in a startup), it would be like this:

Organization's face : customer service / sales / marketing

Organization's backbone : Administration

Organization's circulatory system : Finance / Legal

Organization's brain : strategic team / top management

Organization's cleaning system : internal audit / quality

Organization's heart : HR

As you can see, I have drawn a parallel to the human body. ALL of the above have to work as a team, else.... I don't need to specify more, do I?

Now - to the topic under discussion -

HR takes the first round to assess (some points are repeated here):

1) communication skills

2) Attitude

3) Team working


5) Basic job aptitude

6) Personality suitable for the job.

All this can be done only through using Behavioural Interviewing Techniques. Psychometric tests are available, but are not absolute indicators possible performance - though the DISC inventory comes quite close.

Unless an HR is aware of or has studied technical stuff in his academic career, only then he is qualified to take a technical assessment.

Now the other question - why doesn't a technical person assess the above 6 areas. Again, unless there is exposure to understanding and working in these specific areas, only then can the tech person give feedback on this. HR folks are supposed to have studied and understood these "soft skills" enough to be able assess them in interviews. The sad truth is that this skill comes only with lots of practise in taking interviews. And many HR people (2-3 yrs exp) have no real idea about how to assess these traits. However, I have had technical people give me feedback on communication, attitude and personality which was good enough to be used in final selection.

It is quite subjective.


5th February 2008 From India, Mumbai
Trait and personality has been defined in the chapter types of Leadership. Those who have MBA/HRM qualification can locate the chapter and find the definition/differences. Those who do not have qualification have to differentiate between trait and personality out of his own perception by virtue of his indepth knowledge of social engineering. A leader possess both trait and personality. A leader with good personality without trait is less successful in comparison to a leader with more trait than personality. Try to differentiate between hit and fit. Some time comparatively a hero with less personality and talent but having trait becomes more popular than a hero having good personality without trait. Personality is developed with indepth knowledge/talent and not by his physical posture. Dear friends please eloberate more on this topic so that we can understand more about trait and personality.
5th February 2008 From India, Calcutta
The HR person checks whether the candidate suits for the entire system The technical panel tests his competency on basis of a particular project /job profile
6th February 2008 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Hi Friends,

According to me the HR round is taken first because the most important thing which is undoubtedly more important than judging the technical knowledge is judging the attitude, behaviour of the candidate & which can be understood no better than HR. If a candidate is technically sound but he has attitude problems like he does not listen his boss or he has feeling that he is always right than such people generally are neither a good team member nor a good team leader.

Jst few days back I took an interview & asked the candidate that why does he want to leave his present company & he replied coz his boss is not technically sound & he is not able to grow under his guidance. Then I asked why did he leave his previous co. & the answer was same. It shows that either the candidate evaluates him very intelligent & can not work under anybody or his behaviour is problematic. If people have this complaint that their bosses are not knowledgeable so let me tell these guys that its not ur boss who would make u knowledgeable its only u who can upgrade ur knowledge. Ur boss will only motivate & keep ur spirit alive & bring the integrity in the team & manage the behaviours like urs in the team.

Wot Say?
6th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Why HR takes prelom round of interview..
1.In order to keep recruitment process organised....
2.To check on behavioural traits....
3.Verifrying Deatils like, exp, salary etc.
4.Warm up session for the candidate so that he gives his/her best
6th February 2008 From India, Chandigarh
Thanks guyz your valuable info, I too agree only HR people can judge the candidates attitudes as well as competencies. Moreover we have to makesure benefits r withing the budget. Aftr all we'll ve to go through reference& background checks.
7th February 2008 From Kuwait, Kuwait
I am agreeing for all the above comments, there is one thing i.e. if u sagrigate the % of interview, only the 30 - 40 % will goes for technical aspects / knowledge & the rest % is for your personality, candidtes seating positions, body language, communication skill, analytical thinking & above all his background. These are the main things for which only the HR person can judge the candidate.
8th February 2008 From India
hai all, Above what are mentioned are all correct. I want to add few 1) Attitude 2) Responsiveness 3) Communication Skills 4) Knowledge 5) Stability And many more......... Thanks & Regards, Prathima
8th February 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Meenal,
I firmly agree to what you hav said. Further it will save the time and cost of the company if HR identifies difference between the Exact Requrement and Unsolicited Portfolios.
Great Explanation !
Praloy Bhar
HR Department-Corporate Office
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
(M) 98256 50504
8th February 2008 From India, Vadodara
Hi Everyone,
I'm working in 1000 seater Call centre where competition is very high.
This month i'l apply for I.J.P. of Team Leader.
In our company interview process is very rigours, thats why i'm looking for help from outside,
Final round of interview is 1 to 1 with President of company.
I have no idea about it and very confused.
I'll appreciate if you can share your past experience or if you being the interviwer what will you ask from the agent and what you will look in agent to determine his leadership skills and may be other aspects in concern to his/her responsibility as a team leader.
A list of questins is welcome and will help me a lot to understand.
5th April 2009 From India, Madras
The candidate should be interviewed by HR first - since it HR can find out whether the candindate is suitable for the position from the point of view attitude, energy level. Whether the candidate will fit in culturally. The first interview therefore can also include a psychometric test to analyse the motivation and psychology of the candidate.
HR interview can help get some idea about the salary expectations and up to what extent the salary structure of the company will be able to meet these expectations.
Most of the above issues can not be handled by a functional head from other functions unless specifically trained. Therefore it is better to evaluate the candidate for these aspects and when HR finds that person suitable then he can be interviewed by technical/functional head.
Some of the psychometric tests give very specific suggestions on what to ask in the interview - so even before HR interview this test should be done.
Hope this adds value.
5th April 2009 From United States, Greensboro
The recruitment strategy used to be "Recruit talent and develop attitude". But it has changed now. The strategy now is "Recruit attitude and develop talent".
So first thing to note in a candidate is whether he fits in the expected characteristics of the job profile.. That's a reason why HR takes first round of interview..
5th April 2009 From India, Mumbai
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