Dear All,

I would like to share my experience that I faced befrore some days. Actually last monday I received interview call from one reputed manufacturing unit. They got my resume from They told me that we have a post of Assistant HR Manager are you interested ?. If interested than can you come tomorrow for interview ?. I told I cant attend interview tomorrow I can come on saturday. When saturday I reached there they given me test paper and told it is your written test and you have to attempt it within two hours. I got surprised that they did not inform me about that they will take my written paper but I was ready. I attempt my test after that they given me some topic on group discussion and told you have to attempt these within half an hour as our HR Manager is going outside the office. Although these were very lengthy but I attempted within half an hour. After that HR Manager called me and took my personal interview related to Acts, ESIC and PF and told we required a person as you. So are you ready ? I told yes I am ready sir. than he discuss on salary part. After negotiation salary finalized. At last he told me that when you can join. I told I required one month as i have to give one month notice period to my current company he was ready for that. At last he told me that I have to take only permission of MD and this is formalities. So we will call you within a three or four days for offer letter. I told ok sir.

Yesterday when I called him he told that we did not select you. I would like to ask from gurus is that they done with me is right or wrong. I did not angry that they done but I was thinking about their reputation. I am working in my current organization as a Executive HR beside this I am also handling recruitment. When we take written interview of any candidate we inform them in advance so that they can arrange according that second I think even if we are thinking that the candidate is good but we will take more interviews than we should not give him hope or should not discuss salary part before finalization. As a HR person I cant except this from a Manager HR. Please suggest me if I am wrong.


From India, Gurgaon
Dear Raj,
Firstly they should have informed you about the test and all the procedures earlier which they didn't and it shows lack of professionalism. Secondly sometimes it happens that where HR is not strong the decisions are chenaged just like anything which is again unprofessional practice.
I'd say it's good that you didn't get the job there.
Fahd Khan Sherani

From Pakistan, Karachi
hi Raj,
ideally, they shud ve informed u abt the interview process.But may b they wanted to test whether u wud b able to get thru teh test without preparation i.e., to check if u r on ur toes abt ur that case i dont think not informing abt the test is a mistake.
coming to ur non-selection, may b they have found someone who is better qualified than u?!!!...u can ask them the reason for not selecting u so that u can rectify ur mistakes n improve in ur trial for the job....
i dont see anythign wrong in wat they i said, surprise test might b to test ur knowledge and non-selction might b coz they found soemone better.
all the best

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Deepthi,

I am agree with your first point that they want to test me without preparation. My intention was not about preparation. Suppose you are going to any interview with intention that they will take your maximum half and hour and after that you have to go for another important work in that situation what will you do?. Ok if they want to take my test without preparation they could tell me that we will take your more than two hours so make your programme according this. They should give me some idea about time. As a HR person I think we should punctual about our time. So that we can set example for other people of the organization.

Second thing you told they have got better candidate than you. Ok I am also agree with this point. I think you did not recruit any person till time. Suppose if you have any requirement of one person and you think ten candidates will come for interview. I would like to ask from you will you discuss everything from every candidate? I think if you are taking written interview in that position you need not to take immediate step or discuss everything with every student. First of all you will search two or three candidates out of ten. Than you will call them for personal interview. After that you will select one candidate out of three after their experience, Salary negotiation etc. you need not to discuss everything with ten candidates it means you are waisting your and candidates time. If they are taking written test in that position i think they don't need to take personal interview of every candidate.

From India, Gurgaon
I think most of the companies do follow this practise of givinn written test to candidates.That perfectly allright, but when the HR manager of the company commits you that your offer letter would be processed in couple of days that is wrong on thier part.I think, they should have either said that, we shall get back to you in couple of days as they are in process of interviewing couple of more candidates for thier requirement rather commiting anything on the first place.
And henceforth,whoever gives you an interview call do ask them clearly about the duration of the interview and no.of interview rounds would be taken.
Sridevi Nair

From India, Mumbai
Dear Raj,

I can understand how upset you are with, what ever happened to you on that Saturday.

Accept, that it was so unprofessional of the interviewer to confirm your selection & assuring u a offer letter on a later date & making your selection void. Next time you happen to meet him, just shoot him through your fingers.

Regarding the test, can't say they were wrong. Written test may be their first level of screening, which could be there normal selection procedure. May be the test paper content was to check your basics, so that they can directly interview you the crux of the job viz., Acts,ESI,PF as you mentioned.

I Suggest next time you attend interviews, avail yourself for Half a day. A mere 30mins - 60 mins, may really not be sufficient enough to decide ones candidature for the position applied. What if you have to undergo more than 2 or more levels of interview on the same day. So workout your availability accordingly.

All the very best for your future endeavors.



From India, Madras
Dear Raj,
They are absolutely wrong. There no second thought about it.
The process of selection should be informed to the candidates at the time of calling them for the interview.
If the HR Manager didnt have that much of confidence on himslef or he had other candidates to see then he should not have offered the job to you verbally. He would have jsut told you that he would get back to you in couples of days. If the MD had to take a decision and the HR Manager didnt have any say in the recruitment then he should not have given any comitment to you.
This is not done.
This is the most unprofessional way of handling things.
Its good that you didnt join there.
All the best to you for all you future endeavours.
byomjeet mishra

From India, Delhi
I got HR interview next week with written test. but i don’t know to prepare, can you share with me?
From Hong Kong, Central District

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