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hi, im currently working in a company where i signed a bond for 2 years and after joining the company i came to know that the won't provide me a first month salary and provide salary on a weekly phases for example first week salary will be given to me in third week and when signing bond they taken my original certificates and they didn't provide me any training from 2nd week i started to work on a real project and its been third week and really dont want to work here and people here are not professional my hr didn't even picking up my calls. and i attach the bond below what should i do to break the bond?

This Employment Contract is entered into on the 3rd day June, 2024 between--------------------- (hereinafter known as Employer), whose business is located at ------------------, and_____(hereinafter known as Employee), who
resides at__________, Tamil Nadu,____.
General Terms
The Employer agrees to hire the Employee for the position of Frontend Developer with 2 years Contract
in which the contract ends on 3rd May, 2026 with the extension of 3 months’ Notice Period.
The Employee will report to work beginning on the day of 3rd June,2024, at 9:00am with work from
The Employee is signed with the Certificate based contract and submitting his original documents with
the Employer till 3rd June 2026 as a guarantee for the contract period. Till the Employee contract
periods the original document will be with the Employer. And once the proper completion of the
contract, the Employee will get her certificates back from the Employer.
If the contract breaks before the end date the Employee will be paying back their first year CTC
Rs.1,80,000 as a penalty for the effort spent by the Employer for the Employee Technical growth and to
get the certificates back.
Certificates Submitted
The following are the original certificates which are submitted by the Employee.
1. 10 th Mark Sheet
2. 12 th Mark Sheet
3. Degree Mark Sheet
4. Degree Provisional Certificate
5. Transfer Certificate
6. Course Completion Certificate
Along with the below photo copies,
1. Aadhar card
2. Pan card
3. 5 photo copies

In addition to the above, the Employee agrees to perform other duties that are deemed customary by
other persons working in similar positions. The Employee further agrees that the Employer may assign
extra duties from time to time, as determined by the needs of the business.
Job Performance
1. The Employee agrees to perform all duties as listed above, to the best of their abilities. The
Employee further agrees to use time wisely and to adhere to work standards of the highest quality.
2. The Employee understands that failure to perform work in a satisfactory and timely manner could
result in their termination.
The Employee agrees to keep all company and client information confidential, including intellectual
property, written communications, business strategies, marketing strategies, operations, and any other
information obtained by the Employee during the course of performing work related activities.
By signing below, both parties agree to be bound by the terms of this contract.

Printed Name Employer Signature, Employer Representative Date

Printed Name Employee Signature, Employee Date

Guarantor of the Employee:

From India, Bengaluru


Collection of original certificates is illegal.

It looks like a employment contract and not a training agreement.

You may register a complaint with the Labour Inspector of your office jurisdiction.

From India, Madras
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