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I work in the plastics industry. Here, the management has instructed me to switch off my mobile. Can this be done? and if not what should I do
From India, Chennai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Sanju Hooda,

We are in 2024, and the mobile phone has become an extension of our bodies. Because of mobile phones, while working in the office, we stay connected with our family members, we can schedule events in personal calendars, and use apps to transfer funds, among other things. Second, mobile phones have blurred the line between our personal and professional lives with, many continuing to work from home after leaving the office.

However, some employers consider mobile phones a primary distraction at work, leading to loss of momentum, reduced productivity, etc. They believe it is their prerogative to disallow employees from using mobile phones. If the employer deems it appropriate not to allow the use of mobile phones in the workplace, then the employees need to accept this condition. Otherwise, they are free to choose an employment where the use of mobile phone is permitted.

By the way, which department do you work in? What is the nature of your job, and why do you need to use a mobile phone at work? If you can demonstrate that your productivity would increase if you were allowed to use the mobile phone, you could put up a case outlining the benefits of doing so.

Are you permitted to access your personal email while at work? If so, you could schedule events on Google's calendar which would automatically sync with the mobile phone. Additionally, you can use the WhatsApp application on your desktop or laptop though this would only allow you to send messages, not make or receive calls.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

The management can instruct or prohibit to use mobile or ask to switch off mobile by the employees,while at work.
Is this instruction for you or for whole employees or for the particular department. In refineries unit the use of mobile phone is not allowed but landline Phone and intercoms and many industries use the walkie-talkie too. If the call was singular,then you need to talk with HR. Why they discriminate from the employees?

From India, Mumbai

As per Mr. Dinesh, Few organisations restrict mobiles due to the distraction & many of the organisation restricts for the safety purpose. I have evidenced few of the fatalities due to the usage of mobile in work location. If people are using the mobile they won't even follow the basic safety procedures, hence no other options rather than restricting the usage of mobile. There is such notification from Inspectorate of Factories depart of few of the states for restriction of mobile phones.

There shall be detailed policy for usage of mobile phone

From India, Bangalore
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