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Hi, Our company sent an Employee to Singapore for a Client visit; if we should get an Agreement signed by Employee Kindly advise to me to get any details.
From India, Tiruchirappalli

We used to have this mutual agreement when we send our engineers for technical training or conference. Basic objective is that the knowledge acquired should be shared with the company in the subsequent two or three years. Just in case the employee leave the organisation, it will also be a monetary loss apart from knowledge loss. Therefore, take into account the ticket or travel cost, accommodation or stay cost, cost of registration or anything relating to the training. In case an employee leaves within 3 years, he may have to forfeit certain amount, within 2 years xxxx amount... like that you can design an undertaking before the employee is nominated for training.
Best wishes

From India


You can get some indemnity bond type of Agreement. But what will be duration of the trip. If it is going to be just one visit for couple of days then you cannot justify and can't expect employee to serve for considerable years.

From India, Madras
Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,

The information you have provided is insufficient. Whether inland or abroad, the employees visit either potential clients or service existing clients. What risk(s) do you foresee from such visits and what agreement would you like to have with the employee?

In the appointment letters, a clause on the non-disclosure of the information is always inserted. In addition to this clause, what agreement would you like to have with the employee?

To protect the company's interests, identify what topics the employee can or cannot discuss with the client. Before the employee embarks on a visit, issue this letter on the company's letterhead.

While suggesting above, let me caution you that making a legal agreement or issuing a letter could deter the employees, and they may not be able to perform their business activities freely.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
ashok pal

The Employee must use that knowledge what he gained at training. For this you have to monitor his production and change in working.
From India, Indore
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