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Hi everyone, Please share the performance evaluation form for teaching. Anyone have?
From Pakistan, Lahore

Hi Abdulrehman-Akhtar,

Here's a sample performance evaluation form for teaching. This form can be customized based on specific criteria, goals, and expectations for teachers in your institution. Feel free to adapt it to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Teacher Performance Evaluation Form
Employee Information:
Name: ______________________
Position: ____________________
Department: _________________
Evaluation Period: ____________

I. Teaching Competence:
Subject Knowledge:
Demonstrates a strong command of the subject matter.
Keeps up-to-date with new developments in the field.

Lesson Planning:
Plans engaging and well-structured lessons.
Incorporates varied instructional strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Classroom Management:
Maintains a positive and inclusive learning environment.
Effectively manages student behavior.

Assessment and Feedback:
Designs fair and effective assessments.
Provides timely and constructive feedback to students.

II. Communication and Interpersonal Skills:
Clearly articulates ideas and instructions.
Listens actively and responds effectively to student questions.
Interpersonal Skills:

Establishes positive relationships with students.
Collaborates effectively with colleagues and parents.
III. Professional Development:
Continuous Learning:
Actively seeks opportunities for professional development.
Demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning.
Professional Contributions:
Participates in department meetings and school activities.
Shares best practices with colleagues.

IV. Technology Integration:
Technology Usage:
Effectively incorporates technology into lessons.
Utilizes relevant educational software and tools.

Digital Literacy:
Promotes digital literacy skills among students.
Demonstrates proficiency in using educational technology.

V. Professionalism:
Ethical Conduct:
Adheres to the highest ethical standards.
Models integrity and honesty.
Professional Appearance:
Presents a professional appearance and demeanor.
Maintains a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

VI. Goals and Improvement Plan:
Highlights significant achievements during the evaluation period.
Areas for Improvement:
Identifies specific areas for improvement and growth.

Professional Development Plan:
Outlines a plan for professional development and growth.
Overall Performance Rating:
Exceeds Expectations
Needs Improvement
Comments and Recommendations:

Employee and Evaluator Signatures:

Employee: ______________________ Date: __________

Evaluator: ______________________ Date: __________

Please note that this is just a template, and you may need to customize it based on the specific expectations and criteria relevant to your educational institution.

From India, Bangalore
Its really helpful for me Thanks for response. Is it applicable for all teachers?
From Pakistan, Lahore
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