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Please help me with the leave policy for the IT company in Kolkata - 20-50 employees.
From India, Kolkata

For a small unit where 60-70 employees are engaged, you can apply leave policy stated West Bengal Shops and establishment i. 14 days EL, 7 days SL and casual leave 10 days. Beside this 12 Festival holidays incusive of 3 National Holidays

Asis Kumar Hati

From India, Kolkata

HI Asis Kumar Hati,

It seems like you're asking for guidance on implementing a leave policy for a small unit with 60-70 employees based on the West Bengal Shops and Establishment Act. Here's a suggested leave policy:

Leave Entitlement:
Earned Leave (EL):
14 days of Earned Leave per calendar year.
Accumulation: EL can be accumulated up to a maximum of 30 days.

Sick Leave (SL):
7 days of Sick Leave per calendar year.
Medical Certificate: A medical certificate may be required for leaves beyond three consecutive days.

Casual Leave:
10 days of Casual Leave per calendar year.
Casual leaves are intended for unforeseen and sudden situations.

Festival Holidays:
12 Festival holidays inclusive of 3 National Holidays as per the West Bengal Shops and Establishment Act.

Leave Application Process:
Employees are required to apply for leave in advance, except in cases of sudden illness or emergencies.
Leave applications should be submitted through the designated HR system or in writing to the immediate supervisor.

Leave Approval:
Leave approval will be based on operational requirements and the team's workload.
Supervisors/Managers will respond to leave requests promptly.

Leave Carry Forward:
Any unused Earned Leave can be carried forward to the next calendar year, but the maximum accumulation should not exceed 30 days.

Leave Encashment:
Employees leaving the company can encash up to 15 days of unused earned leave.

On Festival holidays, employees are entitled to a day off with pay.
For National Holidays, employees will receive their regular salary.

Notice Period:
Employees should provide a notice period of [X] days before taking planned leave.
Emergency leaves should be communicated as soon as possible.

Medical Certificates:
Medical certificates are required for Sick Leave exceeding three consecutive days.

This policy is a general template and can be adjusted based on specific organizational needs. Always ensure that the policies comply with local laws and regulations. It's advisable to consult with legal and HR professionals to ensure full compliance.


From India, Bangalore
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