Dear CiteHR and its Team members,
For the last 4 to 5 years I have gone through mostly daily questions and answers. If any member currently posts on different topics but his answer shows old links of almost 5 to 6 years or sometimes older. This is my question Why should old links be presented? Currently, I think changes have taken the marketplace. It's my opinion answers will be given as per the current requirements.
I will suggest that CiteHR should design online HR courses as per current and future market requirements. I hope all members of this platform will take the benefits and enhance their knowledge through this platform. I am sure most HR Gurus are linked to this platform so we will take advantage and learn from them.

From Pakistan, Lahore

Hi Qasim,

It seems like you're expressing frustration with members on a platform providing outdated links and suggesting that the platform should offer more current and relevant content, specifically in the form of online HR courses. Your perspective reflects a common concern about the relevance and timeliness of information on online platforms.

Here are a few possible reasons why old links might be presented:

Lack of Updated Information: Some members may not be aware of the most recent developments or changes in their respective fields. They might be sharing information based on their knowledge at the time they learned it, without considering updates.

Limited Moderation: Platforms vary in terms of moderation and content control. If there's limited moderation, outdated content might not be flagged or removed promptly.

User Engagement: Older links might still contain valuable insights or fundamental concepts that are relevant today. Users might find historical context or foundational knowledge from those links.

As for your suggestion about creating online HR courses tailored to current and future market requirements, that's a great idea. Continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends are crucial, especially in fields like HR that undergo frequent changes. Platforms can enhance their value by offering courses, webinars, or resources that address the latest challenges, tools, and best practices in HR.

If you're passionate about this idea, you could consider reaching out to the platform administrators or community leaders to share your suggestion. You might also gauge interest from other community members to build support for the idea. and the success of such initiatives often depends on community involvement and collaboration.


From India, Bangalore
Dear Sir,
First of all, I appreciate the CiteHR platform and am thankful because I have learned more new HR things that prior not come to my knowledge and after studying more research about them as a result some key points noted for future requirements. We will never give up continue learning.
As HR professional, we always adopt new changes and continues new learning as per the future requirement. For the last two years, I have been searching for future HR Trends that will terminate some HR jobs and will take new positions. Still, we are focusing on current HR trends and attaining certifications but not focusing on the future.
From my observation future HR is different as compared to the current.
I will suggest CiteHR administrator approach all HR professionals/HR Gurus so that they will voluntarily deliver the seminars or HR Future trends courses free of cost. For example, initially, the basic HR Course CHRP will be online and organized for two or three months, and different topics allocated to voluntary professionals. They will prepare their related topics presentation and deliver that day will be decided. At the end of the course, an online exam will be organized, and a successful candidate will be presented certification from CiteHR through ceremony or as per a decision made by the CiteHR administrator. I hope new HR commer will learn new HR termonologies through this platform.
Every three months a new course will be organized.
I am voluntarily presenting myself with these new achievements through the CiteHR platform.
In the end, once again I am thankful to you for your feedback and supportive role.
Thanking you
Qasim Raza

From Pakistan, Lahore

Qasim Raza

Do you seriously expect professional trainers to volunteer their time and train people free of charge?? You appear to have little understanding about how professional people work.

Who will pay for our own continuous improvement? We have to upgrade our training skills periodically. Who will pay our subscriptions to belong to professional associations? Who will pay for our time to research, write and prepare various training programs? Who will pay for our travel and other expenses to travel to venues to deliver training? Who will pay for our time spent delivering training programs. Who will support our families, pay the rent, buy the food, etc, etc, while we are working free of charge?

I am a professional trainer. Training is my job where I earn money to live. I do not work free of charge other than in exceptional circumstances. This is not one of them.

You can think what you like of me, but I need to eat, and keep a roof over my head. If you have some magic formula that allows me to earn money while working free of charge, please post here forthwith. I am sure all the other professional trainers here would be very interested also.

From Australia, Melbourne
Dear John,
I know that professional trainers have to spend a lot of money and time on their upskills. You will be aware in many countries many students have entered professional fields and supported their family members but they will not continue development due to money problems and spend their whole lives supporting their family members.
As a professional trainer, we can spend only one or two hours within two or three months for their online training. No need of traveling and food expenses. They can achieve their dreams or life goals with the support of professional trainers. If we support them free of cost for God's pleasure, I hope God will bless us with unforeseen resources that you cannot imagine.
In Pakistan, We have started free-of-cost online training for professionals. Most professionals have voluntarily presented their services free of cost.
At the end of the course batch we will charge expenses only for certificate printing and ceremony expenses to all students. For the last batch approximately Pakistani Rupees 3,000/- each student has paid. I hope after two or three months each student will pay out of his pocket money a bit of expenses for their professional continued learning.
In the end, most organizations have approached us to train their staff members and organization development, restructuring, etc. and they will pay our charges as a consultant.
I hope you will understand my explanation.
Thanking you
Qasim Raza

From Pakistan, Lahore
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