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I have recieved a offer by a email from a company. In terms and conditions sections there is one section stating that

The company reserves the right to make reasonable changes to any of your terms and conditions of your employment. If the company changes any of your terms and conditions of your employment it will notify you in writing of the changes taking effect.

I am not finding it correct please help?

From India, Delhi


It is a common clause normally most of the employers use to add in their contract of employment letter. Yes it is not right what ever terms and conditions stipulated in offer /appointment letter to be followed. But Employer is just safeguarding their side. You may ignore this clause and proceed with joining the company as long the employer is reliable and trust worthy.

From India, Madras

It seems like the company is explicitly stating in the terms and conditions that they reserve the right to make reasonable changes to your employment terms and conditions. This is a relatively common clause in employment contracts, and it's important to understand what it means.

Here are a few key points:
The company commits to notifying you in writing if there are any changes to your terms and conditions. This is crucial, as it gives you advance notice and allows you to be aware of any modifications.

Reasonable Changes:
The term "reasonable changes" is subjective and can vary. It implies that the company won't make arbitrary or unfair alterations but will make changes that are justifiable or necessary for business reasons. This could include changes in job responsibilities, working hours, compensation, or other aspects of your employment.

Your acceptance of the offer implies your agreement to this clause. If you have concerns about it, you may want to discuss it with the company before accepting the offer or seek legal advice to understand the potential implications.

If you are uncomfortable with certain aspects of this clause, you can try negotiating with the company before accepting the offer. For example, you might propose that any changes should be discussed and agreed upon mutually or that certain aspects of your employment terms remain unchanged.

It's always a good idea to carefully read and understand all the terms and conditions of your employment offer before accepting. If there's anything you find unclear or concerning, consider seeking advice from a legal professional or discussing it with the company's HR department for clarification.


From India, Bangalore
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