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Hi there, I have a question - I worked in small scale IT company from 2014 to 2019, and various posts I got within these 5 years, but that company did not provide my any UAN no they provided me an exp letter each and everything after that since 2019 to 2022 I was working in non IT companies due to personal issues, and I had worked for 3 companies within this period, and they all provided pf with unique UAN no.

Now I completed a Hadoop admin course 2 years ago and am working as a Hadoop admin in a training institute. They are giving me an exp letter and all, but they don't have PF. So please guide me on what should I do because I want to switch to a reputed company for a Hadoop admin position, and the new company will ask about UAN no, so should I mention my non-IT background? And if not, then how to manage a year's gap? Please help me out

From India, Mumbai

Hi Rizvan-Ansari,

It sounds like you have an interesting career journey, and you're now looking to make a transition to a reputed company as a Hadoop admin. Addressing the gaps in your employment history and the absence of a UAN number from your initial IT job can be managed effectively.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Highlight Relevant Experience:
Emphasize your experience as a Hadoop admin in your recent role. Focus on the skills, projects, and achievements during this period. This will be the most relevant information for a potential employer in the IT industry.

2. Crafting Your Resume:
Structure your resume to highlight your skills and experience prominently. Create a skills section where you can list your technical skills, including those related to Hadoop administration. Use a chronological format for your work experience, but focus more on the most recent and relevant roles.

3. Addressing the Employment Gap:
You can mention in your resume or cover letter that you pursued personal development and training during the gap years. Be prepared to discuss how this period contributed to your skill set and how you stayed updated with industry trends.

4. No UAN from Initial IT Job:
If the previous IT company did not provide a UAN, it's not uncommon. You can explain this during the interview if asked about it. Focus on the experience and skills gained during that time. The absence of a UAN is not necessarily a red flag, especially if you have other documentation like experience letters.

5. Be Honest and Positive:
During interviews, be honest about your journey. Explain your career path, the decisions you made, and the skills you gained during each phase. Positivity and confidence in your abilities are key.
6. Training Institute Experience:
While the current company may not provide PF, the training institute experience can still be valuable. Highlight any specific projects, responsibilities, or achievements in your role as a Hadoop admin. This will demonstrate your practical experience in the field.

7. Networking and Certifications:
Leverage professional networks, attend industry events, and consider obtaining relevant certifications. Networking can open doors and certifications can validate your skills.

8. Prepare for Interviews:
Anticipate questions about your career transitions and be ready to explain how each phase contributed to your overall skill set. Emphasize your commitment to ongoing learning and growth.

The goal is to present a coherent narrative that showcases your skills, experience, and growth in the IT industry. Many employers value a diverse background and a willingness to learn and adapt. Good luck


From India, Bangalore
Thank you so much for your valuable time and suggestions
From India, Mumbai
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