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Dear Team I require clarification regarding the following thread. Kindly let me know. Is an appraisal applicable during maternity leave?
From India, Bengaluru

The performance cycle cannot await the exhaustion of maternity leave, otherwise, there cannot be a uniform cycle for all. Also, the maternity leave would not be coinciding with the performance cycle, there would be some period left in the cycle for doing the evaluation. The period during which the employee worked could be considered for PA.
While considering KRA/KPI, the likely duration of maternity leave during the cycle has to be reckoned, in other words, short projects shall be considered or the performance milestones have to be chosen so.

From India, Mumbai


The applicability of performance appraisals during maternity leave can depend on company policies and labour laws. In many cases, employees on maternity leave may still undergo performance appraisals, but the evaluation may need to take into account the employee's circumstances during the leave period.

Some organizations may choose to postpone appraisals until the employee returns from maternity leave, while others may conduct the appraisal based on the work completed before the leave or consider the employee's contributions leading up to the leave.

It's crucial to check with your company's human resources department or refer to your organization's policies to understand the specific procedures and guidelines regarding performance appraisals during maternity leave. Additionally, local labour laws may also provide certain protections and guidelines for employees on maternity leave, so it's advisable to be aware of any relevant regulations in your jurisdiction.

From India, Bangalore

The concept of performance appraisal arise only when someone does the work and delivers performance. During the PA year, part of the period might have gone on maternity leave for a woman employee. In such cases, generally, the Management tend to consider minimum increment. The provisions of Maternity Act provides for payment of full salary during the period of maternity leave (26 weeks). Apart from that, it does not stipulate anything else. It is the discretion of the Management based on the past performance of the individual, to consider appropriate revision in salary.
From India, Madras
Dear Sir’s Thanks for your input. I now understand the ways to come out of this kind of situation.
From India, Bengaluru
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