Neehanth Sudiksha
Hi All, Can anyone suggest what benefits are typically provided when extending maternity leave or taking a sabbatical? Are insurance benefits included? Please provide information on what the job market generally offers to employees during this time.
From India, Chennai
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Extension of Maternity leave for a period of one month due to any medical complications of pregnancy and child birth as approved by the medical practitioner, should be considered as paid leave. Any further extension beyond that period will be at the discretion of employer either leave with salary, subject to leave balance or leave without pay.

From India, Madras
Neehanth Sudiksha
Will they be eligible to get insurance??? Or. Any other benifits?
From India, Chennai

Hi What do you mean by insurance benefits? Free Mediclaim facility provided by Employer or ESI benefits?
From India, Madras

HI Neehanth,

Extending Maternity Leave:

Job Security: In many countries, maternity leave extensions are protected by law to ensure job security. This means that your employer is generally obligated to hold your position while you're on maternity leave and upon your return.

Health Insurance: In most cases, health insurance benefits will continue during extended maternity leave. This is typically considered a continuation of employment, so your health insurance coverage should remain intact.

Accrual of Benefits: Some benefits, like paid time off (e.g., vacation days, sick leave), may continue to accrue during maternity leave. This varies by company and country.

Salary and Benefits: Extended maternity leave may be either partially paid or unpaid, depending on the company's policies and the laws of the country you're in. Some companies offer additional paid leave options as part of their benefits package.

Taking a Sabbatical:

Job Security: Job security during a sabbatical can vary. Some companies offer unpaid sabbaticals with the assurance of job reinstatement upon return, while others might not guarantee it.

Health Insurance: Like with extended maternity leave, health insurance benefits may be maintained during a sabbatical, especially if it's considered a leave of absence.

Accrual of Benefits: Benefits like paid time off (e.g., vacation days) typically do not accrue during a sabbatical. This time is usually unpaid.

Salary and Benefits: Sabbaticals are often unpaid, but some companies may offer partial pay or benefits continuation as a gesture of support.

General Job Market Offerings:

Paid vs. Unpaid Leave: Many companies offer paid maternity leave for a specified period, often ranging from a few weeks to several months. Sabbaticals are typically unpaid, but some companies may offer a partial salary or stipend.

Job Security: Job security during extended leave or a sabbatical can vary based on company policies, local labour laws, and the nature of the leave. It's crucial to clarify this with your employer before taking such a leave.

Health Insurance: In most cases, health insurance benefits are continued during a leave of absence, as long as it's considered a legitimate leave and not a resignation.

Benefits Continuation: Some companies may allow certain benefits, like retirement plan contributions, to continue during a sabbatical or extended leave, but this varies widely.

Accrual of Benefits: Benefits like paid time off and seniority accrual generally pause during a sabbatical or extended leave.

Return to Work Arrangements: Employers usually expect a clear plan for your return, including the date, any necessary training or updates, and a reintegration plan.

Keep in mind that policies can vary widely from region to region, industry, and individual company. It's crucial to review your specific employment contract, consult with your HR department, and, if necessary, seek legal advice to fully understand your rights and benefits during extended leaves.


From India, Bangalore
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