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I have resigned from my current position and my notice period as per my appointment letter is 30 days. Earlier I requested an early release but the manager rejected this request.
After that, I agreed to serve full notice of 30 days.

My manager wants me to serve even beyond 30 days. I told my manager that you cannot force me to work beyond my notice period of 30 days. Then my manager is telling me that I should not teach him about policies. He is threatening me that he would extend my notice period beyond 30 days by proving that I have not handed over my work properly.

He is also forcing me to find my replacement and train him first if I want to be relieved.

Please guide me on what could be done here.

From India, Bengaluru


Yes your Superior cannot force you to serve notice period beyond agreed period. But where ever possible try to resolve it smoothly. Reason being when you constrain relationship they might revenge you during future BGV process.

From India, Madras
What can be done if even after serving the full notice my employer doesn't agree to relieve me? Can the HR manager extend my notice period on any grounds?

I got an offer from another company and I don't want to miss that opportunity.

From India, Bengaluru

Such types of bosses are very common who play the spoilsport. You have to reason out with the higher authorities and HR on being relieved as per the agreed terms since your boss is not helpful at all. Highlight the positive contribution made by you and insist on being relieved as per the rules. Probably, your agreeing to serve the full notice period may have emboldened the boss to stretch it further.
From India, Mumbai

@Prince163563, I understand your problem, Please reach me at +91 8197177334. I will do my best to help you.
From India, Bangalore

This is common practice, especially with private sector management. In established companies, both employer and employee adhere to policies. The adamant nature of your boss to insist you to work beyond notice period of 30 days is not justified; however, the requirement of your boss to identify a new successor to you seems to be in order and could be managed by you. You can go ahead with this, and try to have a smooth and harmonious Exit from your present company.
From India, Aizawl

Hi Prince,

Suppose if your notice period exceeds 30 days please try to get time from the new Employer . Explain them that as part of your handing over process present employer is requesting for some time and hence under obligation to extend the notice period. Normally prospective Employer will appreciate it as act of sincerity.

From India, Madras
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