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I got to know about a candidate who recently joined Visteon company this candidate did proxy while giving interview and submitted fake experience and took help from a third party consultancy by paying some amount.

Now being an outsider how can I report this to the company because of this fake candidates real candidates are losing their opportunities.

From India, Bengaluru


Couple of questions

How come that Company failed to find out the candidate did proxy and submitted fake experience? Some where something is wrong with their hiring process.

How you came to know about this? Are you from Visteon or other third party?

What that Candidate did is wrong. If you are sure about what had happened and if you have any material evidence then you may write a anonymous email ( for your safety) with necessary proofs to the higher authorities of that company . If you are right then that company may take action.

From India, Madras
Yes, even I am astonished to know that company has failed to identify the proxy and I am not an employee of Visteon but I am her room mate and she is influencing many of her friends to do the same and I do have her previous work place contact number and salary credited message.

She doesn't know the ABCD of the skill set that she showed in her resume and why can't company verify her bank statement to verify if she has really worked in the company that she showed in her resume.

From India, Bengaluru
I have all the relevant supporting or documents to prove that she is a fake candidate but I need the respective email id of the company to report this.
From India, Bengaluru


It is very sad to know that candidates are giving very least importance to ethics. Getting an email id will not be a tough task.. If you visit the website of the company you will get sales or HR email id. But you being her roommate she will very easily find out that you are behind the email.. Take care

From India, Madras

My suggestion for what it is worth - mind your own business. It is not your role in life to be a vigilante.

If the company has failed badly in it's recruitment process, then it is on their head and they are going to learn a very hard lesson once they discover of their own accord that the candidate is a fraud.

We can rightly be angry about this sort of behaviour, but it is not our role to police it. Those of you with responsibilities involving recruitment need to ensure that your policies and processes are well documented, and followed by all staff to the letter and with rigorous background checking in place.

From Australia, Melbourne

This subject on having come to know human mind get angry. That reflects in your anger that he is depriving others opportunity. From your writing it is like this:
""got to know about a candidate who recently joined Visteon company""
1.this candidate did proxy while giving interview
2.submitted fake experience
3.took help from a third party consultancy by paying some amount.
4. Your question: Now being an outsider how can I report this to the company because of this fake candidates real candidates are losing their opportunities.
From the above these are my question while the Company looked or overlooked:
1. Interview-Have they compared the CV with photo and the person who attended the interview are same? If not then the Consultancy is involved with the staff to replace the photo as per convenient- Movie Tik Tik Tik - Jayam Ravi. If the person interviewed and checked certificates are all involved with the agency.
2. Even about experience certificate-have they checked it whether the company exists? Have they took reference and back check? If not then here too the Consultancy is involved.
3. Now you have clearly mentioned third party consultancy: You know if you approach any famous recruitment agency web site their fixed program for filling details are limited. How can an experienced person get a job?
The Agency web site does't provide the actual position of the candidate. The post held there is no exact post you have handled. There is no option to go "Others" and explain what kind of job you did.
They all think only Managers are doing the work. But surely not. Managers are just enjoying and getting official and their personal work and the staff has to sit late and do their job silently. He gets promotion and monetary benefits at the sweat and time of the employees. So if you know some one in the recruitment agency and it may happen that he has helped him push him into a company for a job. In the recruitment portal CV and experience there is no provision to get a job in any department. All only big posts. Then what they are for??
4.You do not know anything, but only know the circumstantial facts.
So better get away from the scene. As long as the person is working there to the satisfaction of the company besides all the hidden qualifications and experience they will never leave him. So just remove this idea and anger. Even if you talk of others chances of getting the job, he too will fall in the unemployed category and at the most only one job and 100s he is grabbing of others.

Many a time we need push in life. But at times we are missed by time, age and short of experience, unable to give direct interview but well practical knowledge of the subject job. So it is not just experience by paper and qualification by paper.
As long as quacks in Medical which is serious you have to expose but other it is nothing.
See "Tum Milo Tho Sahi" movie. The high professional lawyer cheating by hiding his client his needs so he is well paid, but an assistant lawyer working for so many years in the company but not practiced in court even holding a Law Degree. He was in the company with the professional lawyers firm with their father. When this cheating case comes to his knowledge, he delve into the subject of the case and win the case. So don't judge things like that.
Now to tell you another practical scene.
I went to Medical Polyclinic for my health problem. There an Indian Doctor of middle aged of 45+ might be, treated me. Before a year back I was treated by a lady Doctor treated me in the same clinic.
Now the matter is on these times the Doctors who has attended to me is not seen in the Polyclinic after few months thereafter on each occasion. On enquiry the reception staff told me that they were very good Indian Doctors. But as per local rule they have to attend a Theory exam conducted by the local Government and after passing they will be issued an authority card, and this will be displayed in the Polyclinic who are all the Doctors in the clinic at various department.
So here they are qualified but local rules is a problem for them.
At one time the ENT and Ophthalmologist were on vacation. But as they could not get a replacement the things were running only to normal case of eye testing etc and so also just ENT issues by a qualified Doctor, but yet to send for the exam. But no major cases were attended. Because if any complications they will face legal issues.
So here just one person who get employed one way or the other but as long as his work is satisfactory to the company you cannot do anything.
Even if they come to know he would tell the constraints put by the company blocks his quality work get employed.
Here the Consultancy will be in trouble but candidate's bread winning for family is a humanity issue.
Many company the Qualified Engineer is in their official record to run the company. But if the candidate failed in the exam they will use them for assisting the department without involving any government matters. They get another who pass for their company registration.
Similar to Pharmacist. Many assistance but one or two pharmacist always present in the Medical Stores as per Government regulaton.

From Saudi Arabia
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