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Hi, do you personally know reliable recruitment or companies that hire over 60 years old IT professionals in Canada or other countries? I have more than 20 years of experience as an IT professional, in 2018 lost my job in Brazil at the age of 55 and due to unemployment there, and not assumed prejudice against people over 50 I had to migrate to Japan in 2019 to work as a machine operator, floor factory job, not bad, but would love to use my IT skills. I assume that recruiters' fear that 60 years old people would retire soon, and this is not my case, I want to work for the next 10 years at least to ensure a proper retirement pension. Suggestions will be very welcome.
From Japan, Tokyo
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What is your organisation's policy regarding retirement age ? If your retirement policy is that people on reaching a certain age - 58, 60, 62 or 65, your recruitment of people should confirm to that. This retirement policy varies from each organisation. If you want to recruit somebody beyond the retirement age, then you can appointment somebody only as a consultant on a long term or short term contract. It is also called Fixed Tenure Contract.

Best wishes

From India
Hi, thanks for your comment. Japan Government is requesting companies and people to work until 75 years old due to the shortage of workers, doing so they will increase the retirement pension in 86%.

I am interested to work as an IT Professional in Canada or elsewhere, but at the age of 60 is not easy to be hired, that's my expectation.

From Japan, Tokyo

It would depend on a lot of different factors
1. what is your skillset
2. what languages / platform / framework did you work in
3. what your experience was and how relevant it is now
4. are you a basic coder or a manager / team leader

There are companies who will be happy to get someone with experience, but it depends on what you bring to the table. Your 2018 knowledge may be outdated already, in which case you need to go for fresh courses or certification before anyone will hire you. Or if you have some skillsets in older languages, for which the younger generation is not willing to work on, then there will be companies who will want you.

You will need to search for the specific areas you have the abilities, not a generic search for job based on age.

From India, Mumbai


Unlike India there is no such age restrictions at USA/Canada. As long as you are very proficient your work domain and physically fit for work definitely they will consider. Only thing is you need to knock the door and see. However as there is a gap of 4-5 years from 2018 you need to enhance your IT skills as per the current trend. There are some Professors work for Universities at USA even at the age of 85. They will look at your stuff and not age.

Alternatively as you possess 20 years of experience in IT you can work as a Consultant on assignment basis for multiple companies without leaving your home town using working from remote option if allowed by the employer.

You can try to emerge as a Entrepreneur using your IT knowledge.. hiring few Juniors under you and can sell your experience to the companies. Not sure of the cost factor at Japan in hiring office, paying salary to staff and other statutory requirements. But if you have some back up fund you can try that as well.

Wish you all the best ! Appreciate your vigour at the age of 60 !

From India, Madras
Thank you all for your tips! My first IT job as an Information Systems Coordinator was at K/FI, Korn/Ferry International, in 1998, and they provided me internal training, as an Office Guru, in their HQ in the USA, and in Brazil they sponsored me Microsoft training in Exchange Server, Windows Server, at that time it was Windows NT 4.0. During my IT career I installed and managed Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012 and the essence remains NT 4.0, the principles, the core. This year only two US companies interviewed me, truly not age discriminatory policy, GoTo (LogMeIn) and Amazon AWS, in both cases I got 4 interviews, must work on increasing, update my skills, for sure. I worked in some other areas, different companies sizes and positions. At the age of 60 I am just willing to join an organization to work and share my experience, knowledge, and contribute as much as I can all co-workers.
My LinkedIn profile is at

From Japan, Tokyo
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