Since I have received the letter of acceptance of my resignation. My company asked me to share the new company offer letter, just to make sure I have no business with their client. I am worried about my new joining if I share the offer letter with them and I don't want to share the offer letter. They asked me if I don't will they will not relieve me and won't do my full and final.
From India, Gurgaon


No Employer has the right to force their employees share the offer letter or to share the details of new employer. They have no right to hold settlement or to hold relieving letter just because you didn't shared the offer letter. Handle such situations diplomatically. You could have told that have not received the offer letter and will get Appointment order directly on joining date only etc. Give them assurance you will not disturb their client base.

From India, Madras
Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,

The requirement put forth by your employer violates Article 21 of the constitution of India. Article 21 of the Indian Constitution speaks about:

Right to life
Right to personal liberty

According to this article, every person – citizens and non-citizens has the right to live and the right to have personal liberty. The state can’t deprive any person of these two rights except under procedure as prescribed by the Indian Penal Code.

Your company is not even a "state" but a private business entity. Their requirement does not fall within the ambit of the law.

Let us keep aside the provisions of Article 21 of the constitution. Delhi High Court has given a ruling against "A Non-Compete Clause In The Employment Agreement".

Therefore, even if you join the current employer's competitor, the company cannot question you.

At this stage, you just refer to the provisions of the "non-compete clause" in your appointment letter. Just send a reply that "I will abide by the provisions of clause _____, paragraph number ____" of the appointment letter. Disclosure of the offer is not required.

If the disclosure is not made. and if the over-enthusiastic HR professionals to please their masters, start giving the threat to destroy your career, then ensure the recording of the telephone call or video call takes place. If you really encounter such a situation, then what to do further will be told later.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Where an employee is seeking employment after leaving his present organistion(private) has no relevance to your employer.You are free to seek employment anywhere, except that you cant leak company secrets to new employer etc.
Pl be firm with your current employer and politely decline to shre names etc and employment offer letter.
They cannot stop your final settlement of dues.

From India, Pune

Dear member
Offer and acceptance are contract documents which are private in nature and need not ( can not be ) made public.You have to stick to your contract obligations with your present company from where you will be relieved. Is there a clause which states you need to disclose. Or is the prospective company is a competitor! Is there a clause on non-disclosure. You can informally tell your difficulties, and say you have to consult your legal adviser whether your company can arm twist you at the time of leaving . Please ensure no dues certificates, conduct certificates, experience certificates before you take and legal recourse.

From India, Tiruchirappalli

The existing employer does not any rights to ask or force to their employee for sharing offer letter and they have also not any rights to hold the full & final settlement. you can say that you will get offer letter on the day of joining.


Sohan Singh
HR & Compliance Manager
Amit Exports

From India, Ghaziabad

Do not share your new offer letter with them, they may try to intimidate your new employer or ask the common connects to even cancel your offer letter on account of breach of confedentiality.
From India, Mumbai
omg! This is a whole new knowledge for me
From Vietnam, Haiphong
Advocate Azad
Employer have not any type of right in this subject, and you don’t share offer letter they can misuse and can talk to your new employer about you.......
From India, Shirpur

You need not even disclose the name of your prospective employer to your current employer.
You can assertively tell them you will always honour the Non-disclosure agreement signed by you with your current employer, at the same time honour your offer letter.

From India, Aizawl
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