Hi, Please help me to write an email about "from next month all Saturdays are off and CL is only 1 after 9 months except mundo team and night team
From India, New Delhi
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It is just an email. I feel sure you have the ability to write one. If not then you need to learn pdq. It is part of your job as a HR person who needs to communicate with staff to know how to do this.

Just tell the staff what you have told us. Keep it simple and everyone will understand what you are telling them. No-one will read an email full of HR corporate speak.

From Australia, Melbourne

First of all I do not understand what it means "mundo" team.
An email about any changes in working hours and working days per week should be explicitly mentioned and do not add except and more than etc. You have a defined team as programmers or online staffs or night shift staffs. Here mostly there is no permanent night shift or there may be changes at any time during the course of the company project work.
1. People in regular day shits:
We have changed the work to 5 days working from ..............a.m. to ............... (9 hours per day) from Monday to Friday. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
2. Field staffs working outside office
we have etc.
3. etc.

Casual Leave: 1 casual leave after 9 months...etc...
=============== un quote..
I don't understand this casual leave and 9 months etc. I was in an IT company joined after much experience. But after joining I had to attend to my personal family function at my native place. Here they talk of no leave etc. I simply remain absent. Because these are all unhuman behavior. No doubt it may seems a serious things when it comes to new freshers where in they should be inculcated the office working methods and seriousness. But to an experienced these doesn't go well.
I see many Managers join duty and then they will say they are taking two months leave though unpaid doesn't matter as they have to be there. But with down the line people show silly behavior.

From Saudi Arabia
No actually i just write an email.that from.next month 5 days are working on a temporary basis and evaluate the same for 2 months if everything goes well this policy will permanent applicable
From India, New Delhi

I think you are not serious on the subject. Just like while cooking they taste it or give to other for tasting it to tell whether the salt and spice are ok. I hope you understand what I mean. They are not cooking to throw it away. They are cooking for the family or in other words to eat.
Likewise when people respond to your matter, please try to interact by reading it. Whether it is temporary or permanent it is your baby to add a sentence. First of all you did not mention it, so how do your expect what you have in your mind but not mentioned in the question? We are not mind readers to answer you.

When there is a response, and people ask some information, add the requirement in your main question itself by editing with a date .

First read our answers and then talk on the subject by improving your question by correcting it.

This is a very good forum for people to interact and learn and improve their performance.

I expect your reading the answers and pay full attention,

Why don't you draft an email as office as your say temporary or etc. and we shall correct it.

If you cannot tell the Doctor clearly about your problem he will treat you to an unknown disease.

You can buy a Letter writing book, or read business magazine and understand how to draft. In every subject there are various topics You Tube is available. Whichever job people are working they should improve their knowledge it is a fundamental for a long career prospects.

From Saudi Arabia
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