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Dear Seniors,

I am currently working for a reputed school in Tamilnadu as HR Officer. We are facing issues of employee resigning in the middle of the academic year by siting medical reasons. It is very difficult to find a replacement in the mid of academic year, I have been asked by management to find out, is there any way that we can medically verify the employee's health conditions and then approve their resignation.

Since we have 3 months notice period, most of the employees are lying through their teeth and moving out giving medical reasons.

Even if i ask for medical certificate they can get it from any doctor.

My question is;

Is there any legal stand I have, so that I can ask the employees to produce medical certificate from one doctor whom the management trusts?

From India, Mettupalayam

Why only for medical reason - for personal reason also employee can resign and left. If someone is teacher and leaving the school, obviously he/she will get a job at market even in the mid of academic session.

Therefore, it is essential to find out the actual cause for leaving - may be for poor remuneration, ill behavior by the school management, Some extra legal facilities may provided by other schools - lunch facility, School Bus etc.

Study in depth the cause of the issue and initiate action(s) accordingly.

S K Bandyopadhyay ( WB, Howrah)

From India, New Delhi

"Since we have 3 months notice period, most of the employees are lying through their teeth and moving out giving medical reasons."

Start with looking internally for the reasons why people are leaving your organisation. That is your MAJOR issue, not whether or not they cite medical reasons. Focus on pay, management style, working conditions, lack of advancement opportunities, lack of training, working hours, problems with leave, etc., and most importantly -your recruitment and selection process. Likely you are hiring the wrong people.

Challenging people in regard to medical issues is fraught with difficulties. Yes, some may not be legitimate, but others will be and maybe quite serious. Think about how you would feel if you were diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Would you be happy telling the world about it? Doctors are bound by patient confidentiality so that also must be borne in mind.

From Australia, Melbourne

In companies of repute, exit interviews are conducted, by distributing questionnaire to leaving employees. Objective of such an exercise is to find out detailed information about what are the things in company which are liked by the leaving employee and what are the things which are disliked by him, his level of satisfaction in various parameters, viz. remuneration, facilities provided by company, working hours, leave & holidays, medical & other facilities, duration of breaks, transportation facilities, and his acceptance in the company. After analysing his feed back, HR can find out the areas where company need to improve. You may think of doing such an exercise.
Continuance or discontinuance in a job depends upon many factors. It is not medical reason alone.

Please have a dialogue with such teachers who are oping to resign and go

From India, Aizawl

Hands up how many people here on CiteHR have told the truth in an Exit Interview.

People the world over are notorious for only telling the interviewer what they think the interviewer wants to hear. Many more refuse to tell the truth for fear of retribution down the track.

How many people here have worked for an organisation that genuinely wanted to know what employees thought. Very few I suspect.

I once worked for an IT company many, many years ago. We went through a bad patch, and on one day terminated around 30 employees. We were a small company so the effect was devastating. In the aftermath of that, the Managing Director wanted to sit down with every remaining employee and find out what they were thinking, how they saw the way forward for the company etc. Less than half the staff volunteered to have the interview. I attended the interview, and spent 1.5 hours in his office, 3 times the allocated 30 minutes. In that time I gave it to him with both barrels so to speak. To say he was shell-shocked by the end of the interview was an understatement. I pulled no punches, and I told him the uncomfortable truths. In any other organisation I probably would have been sacked, but he was smart enough to know that wasn't the answer. He had a lot of things to fix if he was to save his company. It just took someone else to see them and tell him.

From Australia, Melbourne

You can not ask the person to get a medical certificate from a specific doctor, but you can ask the employee to submit for medical examination to a doctor of your choice.
From India, Mumbai
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