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Pallavi th.
This is Pallavi, I joined the company in Himachal Pradesh in June 2021 and they terminated me on the 3rd day of the job. I came there from Maharashtra spending a good amount of money but returned back with 5 days' salary and broken confidence and fear for a lifetime. With more cyber problems which I can't mention here. I need guidance on whether I can file a case against them or what action I should take?
From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Pallavi,

You had taken up a job in a far-flung place from your home town. However, why did the company terminate you in just three days? What were the compelling reasons?

Why your confidence is broken and what you have developed a fear for a lifetime? Did anyone assault you? If yes, was it a sexual assault?

Above all, you have written that you have cyber problems? What exactly are the cyber problems?

Yes, we the members will see your case empathetically. However, we require a complete piece of information.

Nevertheless, at this stage, I can only say that do not lose your confidence. Setbacks in life are common. We all of us commit mistakes. However, one has to learn lessons from the mistakes and move on. Therefore, regain your composure, get up and take a new job. You might have experienced the worst but that does not mean that you will not have good experiences in future. Good and bad are the two sides of the coin. Which side will come up and when is always uncertain!

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Pallavi ji,
I shall request you to reach out to police department if you feel something wrong has been done to you.
On Professional aspect of the company, I shall advice you to collect all the relevant proofs regarding the issues of your job and concerned company including the people who were in communication channel with you.
If You feel that the case can be taken up with all the releveant proofs, be bold and escalate the matter to labour offices of both the states and use social media intellegintly to get more hel and advice.
Be Bold and be brave, good or bad experiencesarepart of life.

From India, Vadodara

Dear Ms Pallavi,

A management will terminate a person within a short duration only in extreme cases of non compliance to company rules. Since you haven’t provided any detail a yes or no answer cannot be provided in these messages.

Whenever we decide to take a company head on we must be mindful of the consequences that arise. The verdict may or may not come in one’s favour.One has to keep in mind the time and money that are likely to be spent and also the trauma that one goes through in these circumstances.

Learned members have already given many inputs. Please take a decision once you have a calm mind.

V Raghunathan Chennai

From India

Pallavi Madam,

First of all sorry to here abt your case and as rightly said by Divekar Sir we all are with you but at the same time as Raghunathan sir said you need to elaborate the issue so all the learned members can help you from legal point of view. ( if possible ) You need to be positive about your professional career and hurdles used to come and go. Be strong enough and brave to fight odds in life. I can understand its easy to say than done but rest assured you can again come back with same confidence in your professional life.

Regards, Prashant

From India, Pune

Your query is too short and suppressing lot of information, hence it will not be appropriate
to advise you suitably at this juncture. As learned senior members herein above, pointed out, please share detailed information in this Forum as we have experts in Behavioural Science, Organisational Behaviour & Development, Labour and IR experts, who can give you a wise advice and direction to you to enable you to cope up with your current plight and overcome the situation which you are currently facing.

From India, Aizawl

life is a journey sometimes it happens so leave it and find a good job.

if you have abilities, and knowledge you will get a good company.

forgive and go head don't stick with a problem find a solution.

it's my suggestion.

From India, Mumbai
Suresh Rathi

Dear Ms.Palvi,
The incident is over one year old and you still feel traumatized, and shows that the extent of your hurt.
Members have given their views and take action as you deem fit.
I have only one thing to add--Do not allow such incidents to scar you. Be brave, life is not fair at times but as we say in Army--Bash on regardless.
Cheer up , this too shall pass.
Col. Rathi

From India, Delhi
life is a journey sometimes it happens so leave it and find a good job.

if you have abilities, and knowledge you will get a good company.

forgive and go head don't stick with a problem find a solution.

All the best

From India, Hyderabad
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