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Can anyone provide me the questionnaire regarding what an Hr should ask while taking the interview?
From India, Pune

Dear Colleague,

HR interviews are done to gauge the personality- strengths and weaknesses of a candidate to handle the role and then understand whether the candidate is suitable to do the job. Sometimes, the interviews are conducted to decide how well the candidate can fit into the company's work culture and role fit.

The HR Interview is the final deciding factor to check whether the candidate selected by Technical/ Functional Interview will fit into the Team and Organization as a whole. When this process is not done in many companies, there are high attritions and high level of hit to the business objectives of the company.

In general HR Interview is focusing to understand and document :


There are focused questions checking the Role fit. It is done based on the CV of the candidate and checking his previous expertise and how best it suits to the present role the candidate is going to plan in the organization


The next major aspect of HR interview questions focus on how best the job candidate is fitting in to the large organization from the cultural point of view. This is a major questioning aspect to understand that the candidate even though selected by the Technical Panel, it not able to fit into the culture of the organization, then he should not be selected as it will deteriorate the organization's growth path.


The third important aspect of HR interview should focus around understanding the strengths/ weakness / Opportunities and Threat aspects of the Individual. This is a follow up questions session based on a structured Phycological / Psychometric test done professionally and once having a clear documentation on the test results, with the report of mapping of the personality and then this session is used to prepare Individual Development Plant ( IDP). When the IDP is executed to develop the individual the gaps in required areas will be attempted to get sharpened.


The other major are of focus in the HR interview is to cross verify and find out the authenticity of the information / details furnished by the Talent in his CV and other documents. This is an important aspect of HR Interview wherein lot of times the HR finds out that the details are magnified or inappropriately boosted but in fact it is not real. This will help the organization to find out whether right candidates are entering into the organization or not.


The other focus for HR interview is to assess whether the Candidate is Potentially good enough to move upward in the career over a period of time in the direct function or cross function. This enables the Organization to find out detailed Potential mapping of the candidate and so on.

Based on the above dimensions, the questions are framed by HR and asked / documented in the HR Interview in most of the leading organizations. There are good number of materials available on exact questions in the websites which may be further understood for your understanding.

One link is suggested for further reading:

From India, Chennai

Apart from what was pointed out by Dr. Siva, as HR member in the interview panel, I used to assess how far the candidate will stick to the organisation. Is he on a job-hopping spree? Where group working is involved I used to assess the individuals ability to work with others.
From India, Mumbai

This is a regularly asked question here on CiteHR. There IS NO standard list of questions that need to be asked at an interview.

When you have a job vacancy, you create a job specification and a person specification for that specific job. With those two documents you then compile the list of questions that will be asked of each candidate on your short list. It is important every candidate answers the same questions. That way you can compare like with like when it comes to summarising and choosing the best candidate. You are trying to find a person that has both the skills to do the job, and will be a good fit within the organisation - hence determining what that person needs before you start the recruitment process.

Candidates should be given both the job and person specification so that they can prepare their application and CV accordingly, and also know what type of questions they will be asked if invited to an interview.

There should be NO questions that can be answered with a yes or a no. One of the best ways to determine suitability is through behavioural based interviewing, i.e. asking STAR questions where the candidate has to elaborate, give examples, and explain what they did, what were the results etc.

The other most important factor in all this is that staff conducting interviews are trained in the process.

From Australia, Melbourne

John Chiang, I have deleted your post as your attachment is copyrighted material.
From Australia, Melbourne
John Chiang

Thank you, John. Best regards, John Chiang
From China, Shanghai
G B Halkar
First of all important is to understand the Educational Qualification, Experience in relevant field, knowledge and understanding of the subject theory and practicle, Family background,temparament,leadership qualities as well as Follower quality, approach to life and work. Any question by HR should aim to derive the satisfactory answer. Aim is to find out is the suitability to the organisation and the department. Leave technical person to judge technical skill and knows of the candidate. Never interview candidate to fail him. Be positive and try your best how to accomodate him in the company
From India, Mumbai
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