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Meenu Sachdeva

Dear seniors,

Two employees, who were working at the same level. One of them has been promoted and the other is being asked to report to promoted members.

The employee is not at all accepting him as his boss. Where management wants him to follow mgt. Decision.

As an HR, how we should resolve this issue. The non promoted member is a good performer as well.

Learner and contributor

From India, Gurgaon
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Meenu Sachdeva,

If two employees were working at the same and if either of them is given the promotion and the other is told to report to him then the resistance from this person is obvious. Probably a proper ground for the promotion was not prepared. The employee who was not promoted could have been told well in advance who will be his boss in future. This was not done and your company has to face the resistance.

Humans are not like equipment. The ease with which we operate the equipment with the same ease we cannot operate humans. They have emotions and leadership lies in anticipating the emotional impact and taking preventive measures. This was not done.

Anyway, now the only way out is to counsel the employee who has not been promoted. Explain to him the parameters on which promotion has been given and how the management's decision is fair. If the employee remains unamenable then you may explore the option of changing his department.

If the employee leaves the company in a huff, then it may solve your problem and it may give you a sigh of relief but it will not be without increasing the cost of employee attrition. Therefore weigh the cost of promotion Vs the cost of exit and take the call judiciously.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

It is quite possible that a faster train like Rajdhani Express will overtake slower trains, may be the person promoted has better leadership abilities than the non-promoted one, though is a very good worker. Such eventualities are very common, in deed as one goes up the hierarchy, there is always possibility of peer or even the subordinate becoming the boss. At all levels seniority cannot be sole basis of promotion, merit needs to be recognised and encouraged.
HR has to be sensitive to such matters and if there is a personality clash between the two of them, it is better to make some rearrangement so that the boss subordinate interface is avoided between them for some time.

From India, Mumbai

Dear CiteHR Member Ms Meenu,

Although your query has been answered by two of our senior Moderators, yet there is scope to further add that every company/establishment, having an HR Dept., must have a promotion policy. You have not referred to any such policy in your query. The mode and manner of promotion as prescribed in the Promotion Policy has to be circulated among the employees to make them aware of their eligibility and probabilities of promotion. Generally the promotion is vacancy based and mode of promotion is selection cum suitability. In special circumstance the promotion can be granted on other considerations depending upon the vision of the Management.

It is but natural that there can be one or more than one employee on the same level in the same department having equal seniority, but promotion can be given to only one employee depending upon availability of the vacancy and the assessment made by the designated authority/management. Therefore resentment/resistance demonstrated by the other officer cannot be treated as justified. The other officer can submit his application to the management citing his case and merits etc possessed by him, but he cannot act against the decision of the management by showing resentment/resistance. If the other employee continues to offer resistance and not obeys the orders of his superior, then management can take disciplinary action against him. But this should be last resort when counselling fails.

With best regards,
Chandra Mani Lal Srivastava
Master Consultant: Service Matters, IR & Contract Management

New Delhi/25.05.2022/11:34 pm

From India, New Delhi

Whatever be the decision of Management, such decisions shall be final and binding on all employees in the company and employees can not question such decisions and/or resort to non-cooperation. But aggrieved employee can approach HR deptt. and it is the duty and responsibility of HR deptt. to pacify him in such a manner that the employee finally accept the decision of management.

The actions/reactions of non-promoted employee is quite natural in a work environment - because he is losing the freedom, which he was enjoying hitherto, while talking with the promoted employee.
He has to follow certain protocol now, which he did not follow, hitherto. Hence a resistance on the part of non-promoted employee, is quite natural and it is the duty of HR to convert that 'resistance' to 'support'.

(In a home environment too, if one child gets something extra - may be for his/her achievement in examinations - from his/her parents, other child shall be unhappy, jealous and show hatred towards the other child. Parents, who know the, nature of two children, shall console the other child, who did not receive the gift, and after a few days such feeling will be disappeared from the mind of the other child.)

Here, in this context, HR to act like the role of "Parent"

company policies need not be circulated to employees, but the information can be passed to employees.

From India, Aizawl
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