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Madhuri Patil
What questions to be asked by boss to staff before giving him or her a promotion?
From India, Shirala
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Madhuri,

What is your designation? Are you the "boss" or you are his/her subordinate? Is it that you are an employee due for promotion and you have raised this query to prepare yourself for the promotion interview?

Employee promotions do not happen in a vacuum. The decision to promote an employee is taken based on the rating of the performance appraisal and the points mentioned in the "Promotion Suitability Form". This form varies from one company to another and there is no commonality. Against this backdrop, it would be too difficult to suggest anything.

Nevertheless, you may make a list of the duties and responsibilities of the position for which the vacancy will be filled internally. Secondly, draw out a list of the skills and competencies required for the position. Therefore, consider whether the employee who is under consideration for the promotion is fit to take up that position.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Dear Madhuri,

The promotion is always based on the ground. Each employee should be reached in a particular skill set and meanwhile his or her achievement as per the 2 or 3 years of exceed performance appraisal rating. A boss, based on different factors, like the urgency of the position, the importance of the position in the organization structure, and overall department need can grant a person promotion.
Overall promotion should not be for the sake of formality. Promotion is always along with more responsibility.

From Singapore, Singapore
Madhuri Patil
Dear All, thank you for answering my query. Actually my management has asked me to prepare a questionnaire for employee promotion interview hence I asked this question.
From India, Shirala

Dear Colleague,
It is not important what questions the Boss to aske in an interview for Promotion to a Subordinate. What is more important is to discuss deeply to understand and get clarity on:

- Whether the Talent is having the required capabilities
- Whether the Talent will be the right fit for the next level elevated role in the organization
- Whether there are other equal or better choices of Talents within organization
- How his current performance levels are exhibited.
- The questions to be centered around his " Performance" to assess his current success in the current role. In case of assessing him for next level Promotion the questions are to be centered around " Potential" Here the Performance Vs Potential aspects to be balanced in your interview questions.
- Whether he will be the only better choice or how best the individual is aspiring for next level or he /she is comfortable with present role
- Whether the Talent is having required skills/ capabilities/ attitude/ passion/ Competencies / Vision/ Solution finder/ Leadership Style etc to do the next level role

These are some of the aspects to be centered around.
Take Care.

From India, Chennai

A: Some questions that could be asked include:

1. What are your goals for the future?
2. What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses?
3. What do you feel you can bring to the role?
4. What do you think are the most important skills for the role?
5. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the role?

Along with these questions, bosses or managers can decide promotion and appraisals with the help of performance review software. With the well designed evaluation models and customisable workflows, it can be easier and unbiased to tap the potential of every employee.

The performance review system may help manage promotions by documenting employee performance and identifying employees who are meeting or exceeding expectations. Additionally, the system may provide a means for a consistent way to measure employee performance, rank employees, and identify those who may be eligible for the promotion.

From India, Noida

Some questions have the power to offer perspectives on personality, and it ultimately helps us understand the person we are communicating with.

Here are some Questions Boss must ask staff before offering them any promotion:

What are your long-term plans?
Are you good at conflict resolution?
Have you ever made a mistake? How did you handle it?
Give an example of a goal you reached and tell me how you achieved it.
What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned on the job?

Each answer will provide you with a solution that will help you understand how the person in front of you feels about the workplace. There’s no rule or method, as all questions are good questions.

Managers need to ask some of these questions to staff as it reflects on the workplace environment and how things are changing employees’ personalities and offer a straightforward way to simplify issues at work.

From India, Noida
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