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Hi !! I was having a total of 6 years of exp, 3 years of exp from ABC company ( ABC was my first company), and 3 years from XYZ company (XYZ was my 2nd Company, a small firm, no pf deduction was there) . To my current company MNO, I have shown only 3 years of exp of my first company ie ABC, and haven't shown exp of my 2nd company XYZ (due to some reason).

Now I have 1 year of exp of my current company MNO (So real is 7 years of exp, but as I excluded the second company exp while applying in MNO, in that case, exp will be of 4 years only )Now for the next job I want to show all my 7 years of exp ABC +XYZ + Current company MNQ. Will there be any problem with Background Verification, bcoz my current employer MNO only knows about ABC company only. Pls, help. I am very much worried about it.

From India, Gurgaon
Doctor Siva Global Hr
Content Marketing Strategist


Dear Colleague,

Understood the crux of your Q.

Always note a point that, when we apply for a job to any company, it is not suggested to hide any information and let it be put into black and white clearly and transparently which is from the values part of it and ethical part of it. But you can not undo what was already done. ( If your current HR is understandable the error can be corrected here itself as from your writing there was not any other intentions ) At a point this has to be corrected and to avoid this gap when you grow up further in career this gap will continue. It is only a suggestion but you have to take your own decision on this and no other person is a better person to advice on such matters. One thing is clear that at least when you move on to next employment at the beginning itself in the CV mention all the employment year wise and mention clearly as well during HR Interview brief them openly that the 3 years was not show because of ...................reasons etc. Then everything will go right. You will have mental peace and you can focus on your profession. You may get further guidance from your close HR Friends and then move on Friend. No one is 100% mistake proof and when intentions are not bad there should be no worry.

All the best and God Bless
Tamil Nadu

From India, Chennai

Background verification indulges in confirmation of the details that are provided by the new employee. It won’t be a problem in background verification. The HR team can get in touch with the previous HR manager to ensure that the details provided are valid.

Background verification is to opt for validation that the details provided are valid. So if you have mentioned your experience in your resume do ensure that you provide the details of the HR team for the forthcoming company to validate the information provided.

From India, Noida
You can learn about background verification here
From India, Delhi
background Verification background
From India, Delhi
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