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I am experienced professional working in tech organization and for the position I applied for is in Big4 for consulting on risk advisory.

I am not presently working in the risk advisory domain but have very good knowledge and understanding of the financial world with the CFA exam. I worked hard and prepared for this interview as it is difficult to get the front office role (Equity Risk Analyst and Trade Advisory) position in Big4.

Wanted to know if the project, client, industry I worked in will be checked/verified in background verification or from my reporting manager?
What all is asked as part of BGV?

I have been to 2 BGV and HR had always just asked about things like -
Current Position, Duration, Employee id and to verify the proof of experiences docs.
Please correct me if my understanding is correct on this. I do understand different organization has different ways to do BGV, but there could be minimum standard things that are being verified.

Please advise/suggest. Thanks in advance.

From India, Pune

Can any please help and provide guidance.
From India, Pune

Hello - your question relates to the 'depth' of the BGV that an organization conducts for offered employees.

Although it depends on an Organization's policy for conducting various checks during BGV, but generally essential details like tenure, position, last drawn CTC, negative performance, integrity and conduct check, etc. are verified with your past employers.

For specialized roles - Organizations might want to check exact technical skills or aspects of your previous roles - it completely depends on your next employer. There is no one or a uniform approach that the industry takes.

Practical advice - while it is ok to be jittery about it, do not worry. Just submit your forms and stay put. If anything that the BGV agency requires, they usually highlight it to your recruiter and then they will ask for explanations/ more supporting documents. If you have submitted correct information in your forms, it should be ok, do not worry.

From India, Delhi
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