As my organization has made it compulsory for all the employees to do the biometric and attendance signing in register.
Therefore employees are not abiding by it.
Management had decided to do the salary as per the biometric records. But seeing that employees have not done their biometric timely. So Management wants to issue letter to all such employees, and take it seriously. Henceforth the salary would be done as per the records of the biometric and no excuses will be considered.

From India, Palanpur

It is usual that when we try to implement a new procedure all of a sudden, people are not adaptive to changes. As we are moving to automation, we need to educate them gradually and get a buy in prior to implementing a new system. Some of the steps that could be adopted are as follows:-

1. Hold group/batch meetings and impart the knowledge on how the system will work going forward.
2. Create awareness by displaying posters and circulate mails to the departmental heads to brief in their departmental meetings.
3. Display a notice on the notice board signed by the head of the unit communicating the new process of implementing this biometric system. Also subtly convey the repercussions if not adhered to with the new process.
4. Be lenient for a month or two and then take it strictly from the third month onwards. Untill such time keep the register also for signing.
5. Once you find that the employees have adopted to the new change, withdraw the register completely from the third month onwards.

Remember implementing a new system or procedure in any organization cannot be done over night. As any such new introduction has to be done gradually in a phased manner with a buy in from the stake holders. They too will realize the need for this automation gradually. If there are lapses in the system try to bring in a rule as to how many time would one be given a warning and then the process will fall in place automatically. Trust these above mentioned steps help you to implement this change.

From India, Chennai

When implement something new, it is quite normal to have resistance. Regarding attendance, most organizations are migrating to digital records and please do not tell the users to do both - register and biometric. Stick to one and ideally the biometric way.

Please do not issue warning letter at this point. Instead, call for a meeting and convince the employees the need of it and also hear their counter questions or issues.

From India, Bangalore
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