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Can we send a written warning letter to an employee who had stopped working without any prior intimation to HR and after calling her personally, she is asking for clarification for salary discrepancy. Can we take an action against these kinds of employees? Please provide me any format for a written warning.
From India, Hyderabad
Dinesh Divekar
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Dear Manjula,

Sudden stoppage of work or refusal to work without any valid reason like power disruption, mechanical failure, lack of safety measures in the work station etc., is a misconduct which requires the initiation of a formal disciplinary proceedings. In an informal enquiry later, if the worker connects it to her salary discrepancy, it proves that she acted so wantonly only. In such a situation you cannot straight away issue a warning letter to her. Better initiate disciplinary action by calling for her explanation and then decide whether to warn her or not after analysing her written explanation.

From India, Salem
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Manjula,

In your company, an employee stops reporting for the duties due to the perceived discrepancy in her salary. When the HR professional contacts her, she informs him/her that she will resume the duties when the salary discrepancy is fixed. You have seen her failure to report for the duties as a matter of indiscipline and want a draft of the warning letter or show-cause notice to her.

However, we the members of this forum view the case as a third party, and the question that comes to one's mind is why the employee perceives the discrepancy. For how long has the employee been working with you and did any manager give her verbal assurance on the salary hike? Is it that when the commitment on the salary raise was not met, the employee felt let down and stopped reporting for duty?

There has to be some cause for misunderstanding on the issue of the salary. Finding the fault with the employee on account of her absence is fine, but please find out whether or not anyone else has a finger in the pie.

By now, the information on the absence of the employee must have been spread among the other employees. If she is in touch with the other employees informally, then probably her side of the story could go around. If other employees also perceive that injustice has been done to her, then there is a risk of lowering the company's image in their eyes too.

In view of this, you may give us complete information on the incident. For the members of this forum, the incident highlights the importance of formal communication in the organisation. Higher the level of formal communication in the company, fewer are such instances.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Abhishek Arun

Dear Manjula,

Not reporting to work is willfully abandoning the job, and one can Initiate 3 Notice to report back (Through registered post) on 10 days GAP each(Opportunity to reply), and later in case of not reporting basis the standing order can be terminated for Voluntarily Abandonment of job.

Urging employee to join back, and follow the Grievance management process. If she reports stop the process and hear her out in good faith and respond back in writing.

Internal displeasure or disagreement should have separate mechanism as per each organization grievance management process/standing orders. One has to have clear line on discipline and grievance.


From India, Chicalim

Dear Manjula Gugilla,

First of all, you should find out the exact reason why he or she is not working. This whole problem can be easily resolved by communicating with the employee. If the person comes with a valid reason that requires serious attention, then you should do the needful at the earliest possible.

Now, if he or she refuses to work even after doing all the necessary steps, then you can issue a warning letter. In simpler words, you should rely on a warning-letter only when you have done your part and still fail to convince the employee.

Hope it helps you.

From India, Noida
Kuldeep Kumar Chauhan

Dear Member,
If by now also, the issue yet is unsettled, please may like to call the concerned for discussion by email or letter giving a date and time. Since one has raised issue of discrepancy in pay / salary, better it would be to know the problem, clarify and settle it out. If on this move also one is not responding , you may send notice after the scheduled meeting date to that employee about your proposed action of disengaging, if not reporting for duty against notice by specific date.

From India, Lucknow

Dear Manjula Gugilla,

you could also share show cause letter[/url] to the employee who had stopped working without any prior intimation to HR

From India, Noida
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