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Hi Seniors, Please suggest to me, If any employee gross salary 80000/- so his basic salary 40000/-. So can I deduct the EPF on 15000/- basic salary or 40000/- basic plz suggest.
From India

EPF is optional for individuals drawing a salary of more than Rs.15,000 per month.
From India, Jaipur

PF is deducted at 12% of Wages subject to a maximum wage limit of ₹ 15,000
Therefore, you need to deduct PF on 15,000 only.

If the employee wishes to deduct 12% of the full basic and da, he has to give a request for voluntary deductions. The company need not pay additional amount beyond the statutory limit.

Let me also make it clear. PF is not exempt for those drawing salary beyond 15,000.
They are exempt only if they join your organisation at a salary of above 15,000 and does not have any PF account at the time of joining, and also they opt for being exempt.

From India, Mumbai

You can deduct PF either on the whole amount paid to the employee, ie, Rs 80000, or on the part of it described as basic pay, ie, Rs 40000 or on Rs 15000. If you deduct and contribute PF on 15000 in respect of an employee who is paid more than Rs 15000, the PF will not raise any question because PF cannot be demanded on an amount exceeding Rs 15000 though the employer can very well contribute PF on any amount without any limit. Therefore, decision to deduct and contribute PF in respect of an employee whose salary exceeds Rs 15000 is purely a managerial decision.
From India, Kannur
Sir An employee getting gross salary Rs 17000/- and his basic is 10000/- on which amount PF should be deducted in basic or PF ceiling limit ? gskumar
From India, Jaipur

If your establishment is an employee friendly organisation you may deduct PF from Rs 17000, ie, the gross salary. on the other hand, if you follow the law since it is to be followed as part of your responsibility, then deduct PF from Rs 15000.
From India, Kannur
if we appoint a employee of above 50yrs first time in EPF UAN, Whether he is applicable for the Family pension contribution .
From India, Guruvayur

Yes, you should contribute to Pension Fund also. If the age is above 58, then, ofcourse, you need not contribute to pension fund but should contribute your entire 12% to PF.
From India, Kannur
If Employer contribution is 1,800 for above 15,000 salary staff then what is the employee is contribution for example 21000 is the basic salary means employer share is 1,800 what is the employee share shall i take it 21000 X 12% = 2,520 is correct or 1,800 please clarify
From India, Chennai

Hi Mohan,

Both PF contribution should be equal (i.e) Rs.1800+Rs.1800/-.
However if employee want to save more in PF, then can opt for VPF which will be additional contribution apart from employee share of 12%.

From India, Madras
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