Quite often we come across that Leaders should ensure to develop their team , leadership skills etc. though I completely agree to this. However looking from other perspective don't you feel that for development of subordinate only leaders should not be held accountable....responsibility lies with the subordinate equally to collaborate and take interest in their own development.
Your thoughts are welcome to deliberate on this aspect.

From India , Madras
Dinesh Divekar

You could have provided a little background to the nature of your query. Are you a senior or junior? Why have you raised this query? Anyway, let me give a reply.
Yes, 100% I agree that the subordinate is also responsible for personal development. In fact, the leader can only guide or show the path but finally one has to walk on one's own.
However, there a few additional things to why subordinate fails to respond in spite of prodding by the Manager.
The first one is recruitment. Whether the candidate has the ambition to grow or not has to be checked right at the time of recruitment itself. To lit a lamp there has to be oil. Can a lamp be lit without the oil? It may get lit but after a while, the flame will extinguish. What is oil to a lamp is the ambition for career growth.
The second thing is one's learning attitude. No amount of training or coaching by the Manager will have effectiveness if the learning attitude is missing in the subordinate. Manager's efforts will be like water off a duck's back!
The third thing is the organisation's culture also. Is there a learning environment in the company? Are there examples of people joining at a lower level but rising in the hierarchy because of sheer efforts? The live examples motivate everybody, especially juniors.
The fourth thing is the general motivation level of the company. In many company companies, low-IQ people are employed. They are employed even with the low-IQ because the salary offered is so low that it becomes impossible to get people with average+ IQ. The persons with low IQ also know that they are incapable. But they continue to work because they know also that they may not get a job elsewhere!
The fifth and last thing is a mismatch in subordinate's competence and the given job. Please remember, for every job there is a person and for every person, there is a job. The asses cannot be expected to do the work of the horses. Any type of leadership is bound to fail with this mismatch.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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