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Hello Group Members, We are hiring a grocery delivery boy on a contract basis so need your help to draft an undertaking or agreement. Could you please help to share a sample template or guide me to the respective page/link where it is available?
Thanks in Advance!

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Rupali,
It is difficult to provide the verbatim of the contract agreement, nevertheless, you may design the contract agreement on the following points:
a) How the Field Executive (not "delivery boy") will get information on the delivery of the orders?
b) From where the orders will be picked?
c) Any responsibility of the Field Executive (FE) on maintaining the records of the delivery
d) The measurement of the delivery turnaround time, if any. How the delay will be calculated, who will maintain the records?
e) How the delivery order completion will be recorded, who will do it, where it will be done?
f) Responsibility of the FE in the case of delivery of the incomplete shipment
g) Rules for the damage of the material to be delivered
h) Rules regarding refusal to accept the shipment, either fully or partially by the customer
i) Rules regarding misplacement or theft of the material while under the possession of FE
j) How the payment will be made? Will be it be daily, weekly, monthly etc? Who will make it? Will there be a penalty or disallowance on any count and if yes, then how it will be calculated?
k) The payment of petrol or vehicle maintenance allowance if any
l) Code of conduct while interacting with the customer
m) General rules for grooming and deportment. Requirements specific to COVID-19 pandemic
n) Specific instructions while dealing with the security personnel of the apartments
o) How the permission for the absence from the work to be communicated, how it is to be communicated, how many days before it needs to be communicated
The above-mentioned points may not be in the sequence that you wish. Therefore, the sequence may be changed as per your requirement.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Madam,
If you are hiring a single delivery boy then engage him on Fixed Term Employment - FTE basis. If intend to employ several of them, examine outsourcing this work or engaging through Contractor is more economically advantageous.
The major points to be addressed in FTE contract letter may include:
1 Reference to the interview and intention to engage on FTE basis.
2. Date of the start of the job.
3. Designation.
4. Period of the fixed term - starting date and ending date.
Clearly state that the contract will automatically come to an end on the last date unless extended by mutual consent for further period.
5 Notice period- This contract can be terminated by either party by giving one month's notice to the other or wages in lieu of the notice.
6. Applicable Salary, allowances and benefits like PF, ESI, Bonus Gratuity etc
6.Leave entitlement
7.Medical fitness requirement.
8 Job Description .Give details.
( Mr Divekar has given comprehensive job description which can be suitably reworded and attached to the letter.)
I may not have captured all the terms but dealt with more essential ones. Other colleagues may pitch in to improvise.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai
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