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I have a good offer which paying me a huge joining bonus that I want to utilize for my father's surgery.My mother is having her eye surgery next month for which I was able to save some money working under my current employer. This is purely on medical grounds and a personal reason upfront. I talked to my manager and to my bad luck working in a huge MNC with an Indian manager has back fired. He has been disrespectful to me saying that I should be thankful to him that he accepted my resignation. That my current company has made me who I am such that I am getting such a huge hike(200%). He is was so disrespectful to me that I was on the verge of crying. Him saying that he didn't ask me to go search for a job, it is not his concern that my father needs surgery, that I am behaving so irrationally deciding that I want to leave the company because they invested so much on me. And what I think is that I also invested my life into it. I donít understand his statement here. His tone was so harsh when he was talking about me being a employee and him being a manager such that I felt I am a beggar in front of a godly being. I am new to my team after working for two other teams before. I joined two years back and I have worked with wonderful people. I do understand that managers have a lot responsibility when a employee leaves but I donít understand the way he talked to me. His points saying that I am being very aggressive because I informed him a day earlier and want a discussion on early release the next day is not professional at all. I donít know if I was wrong. How am I supposed to work peacefully with such a manager? Apart from whatever a job gives me, my family comes first. I will try to do what is best for my family. I understood a manager is someone who is there help you. I am very disappointed and disheartened that I worked for such a company. No matter what happens and I have decided to resign. I just want to know what I can do about this? Is an early release is still possible? What can I do when I am released on the legal angle? Thanks for reading this. I appreciate your help.
From India

Dear friend,
No room for sentiments in employment if you really want to steer through. A son cannot be indifferent towards the dependent parents when they are ailing in their evening of life and you are fortunate having an immediate job opportunity with higher compensation and a handful joining bonus. Perhaps, your manager might not be willing to lose a bright employee like you and in that helpless anguish he might have uttered some harsh words which hurt you personally. Simply forget it and buy out the notice period, make the separation early and peaceful and finally don't forget to gracefully thank the manager who accepted your resignation.

From India, Salem
Just to add, I have already agreed for a buyout. But the response of manager was that I am showing them money power and insulting them.
From India

Hi friend,
Our learned member Mr.Umakanthan aptly assessed the situation and rightly suggested to you what you should do at this juncture. Adding to what has been suggested, nothing wrong in going back to your Manager, talk to him nicely explaining to him the dire need of the sum of money for the surgery and future prospects. Seek his blessings & early release, tell him some pleasing words such that because of his guidance only you could become competitive and this offer is a result of what has been gained in this co.under him.. etc. Afterall he's also a human being hope he would understand you urgency. Incidentally, isn't mandatory for you to produce a clean relieving letter from this Manager? If yes, pl.keep it in your mind. All the best to you and your parents.

From India, Bangalore

The words of the manager was harsh.
Emotions have no real place in job situations.
You probably have done a good job and manager must have realised that a talented memberbis leaving making his task that much tougher.
Ignore and move on
You owe a duty to the firm but it cannot be at the cost of family health and needs.
Take care and move on

From India, Pune
J S Malhotra


Neither empathy nor sentiments has any place in the corporate world. Though its human who performs the work, but culture exits in MNCs is more like a mechanical sort of thing. Leave aside, MNCs, apathetic work culture is now spreading its wings to almost all walks of life. One is required to stand out strong under such adverse working conditions and wait for the right time & opportunity to grab it.

Everyone on one stage or the other in life has been subjected to such situations, but coping with it is a real challenge. You are fortunate that you have a job in hand and your days in the present company are numbered. But mind it everybody is not so be thankful! Learned members have already given above necessary piece of advice on it. Moreover, karma always play its role, if we do good we will definitely be getting reward in return. An article on karma effects subscribed by me on Linkedin that highlights the plight in today's corporate world is attached.


From India, New Delhi
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