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Hi All, Recently I join a new PET Bottles manufacturing Company in Pithampur (MP). From last around 1 and 1/2 months i am adjusting here but every time facing some problems in very silly matters. I am a HR here and we have 2 seniors here, 1 is GM and another is Operation head. Both of them are opposite to each others and they are not agree with each other's decisions any time.
When i follow the instructions of Operation Head then the GM gets angry and when I follow the instruction of GM than operation head get angry. What can I do in this situation???? here Other employees also so much unprofessional. They don't Know how to behave professionally. If i do anything or say anything to them, then all of them manipulate it and say to GM in very wrong way about me.
Please help me in this situation.

From India, Bhopal
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when i follow the instructions of Operation Head then the GM gets angry and vice versa! ....
Good evening! First of all sorry to hear about your situation in your new job. However, in my experience and I am sure many of our colleagues on this platform (CiteHR) will agree that any change comes with resistance and undue/delayed acceptance. Therefore I would like to share my thoughts reading your message:
1. You say its a new company - therefore there are new opportunities for you to showcase your talent.
2. Managers & customers - In almost all roles, we do not have a choice when it comes to choosing our managers or customers therefore I would urge you to stay focused on:
a. your core objective from your role - as you are HR person you should remain objectvie at all time spossible and not subjective.
b. understand the organisation - ask for organogram, study, vision/mission statement, research and make notes for management to help with direction
c. leadership styles vary - as each of us are different our leadership styles also vary though we may adopt few good tips en route our career progression, therefore it will be useful for you find time to meet the officers on a 1-to-1 meeting and get their viewpoint and understanding and see if still in line with vision/mission statement. If yes then bring out a plan to help with the delivery and if not please use this challenge to go against the tide to appraise the managers/leaders and assist them to align to these goals.
Finally, about finding your colleagues as unprofessional, please use point 2 b. above to present to management a report on your findings with also your possible solutions to overcome these hurdles.
I can say for sure, it is not easy however, please note every obstacle presents an opportunity so please try to find solutions without giving up soon as the organisation has obviously hired you as you have some skill-set that they find lacking in them.
Hope this helps.

From India, Chennai
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