Hi friends
I want to know the qualities to become a good HR person,
To get an entry to any corporate sectors like IT firms,is references more
work out or will they look in to internal only becoz i have not seen any ad
for it
Awaiting for you replies

28th November 2007 From India, Bangalore

Hi Madhu,
Usually Companies prefer to hire the sensitive positions through references as they feel that the resources through references are more reliable that hunting from the market..............so usually thoese positions are filled either with reference or internal role transfer by doing this they can control attrition and enhance job satisfaction..........!!!
Also you need potray your work experience in your resume in such a way that it should get noticed........... if you have good experience then dont worry you will definitely get a call ...........!!!
take care
28th November 2007 From India, Pune
Hi Madhu
HR is all about Human. The most important thing in HR is to "Value Human". An HR personnel is there to manage, develop, train, retain, etc. the manpower of the company. Some of the basic skills or traits which are required to become a good HR are:
-Interpersonal relations with every level of management
-Listening skills
-Leadership skills
-Ready to accept challenge
-Diplomatic skills ( this is very important)
Hey guys! add other skills too
28th November 2007 From India, Delhi
As Madhu said these qualities even a marketing person may have,But a HR person should have some born qualities which only HR's can feel it.But below qualities as per Madhu, are also essential.
-Interpersonal relations with every level of management
-Listening skills
-Leadership skills
-Ready to accept challenge
-Diplomatic skills ( this is very important
28th November 2007 From India, Madras
Hi All... In my opinion an HR professional must possess emotional intelligence which will help him/her tackle different situations in a work environment. Prema
28th November 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi guys , I am Ratnakar. I agree with Anu but i would like to add one more quality to it that is HR shud be empathatic. With Regards Ratna.
28th November 2007 From India, Hyderabad



1. Define what is “Right Person” for each of the position.

2. Develop a process which will get the “Right Persons” into the organization.

3. Recruit & Select the employees in accordance to the process.

4. Constantly mentor these employees and see to that their job related skills are developed continuously as required by the organization.

5. Keep them motivated towards Organizational Goal.


1.Judgment of people’s attitudes & behaviors.

2. Empathetic (share someone else's feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation)

3. Earnest (sincere & serious) & committed in your work.

4. Diplomatic (Able to manage a difficult situation without upsetting anyone)

5. Change yourself according to the demand of time.

6. Strategist.( Able to forecast future, develop plans and achieve the results)


1. Highly People Interactive personality.

2. Good communication & Convincing ability.

3. Strong grasping power.

4. Ability to analyze a situation & can able to resolve grievances.

5. Good Coordinating skills.

6. Good in Forecasting the future and preparing plans for it.

7. Learning & Leadership skills.

8. Motivating Skills.


1. Excellent knowledge of Human Behavior.

2. Knowledge of related Laws & their procedures.


28th November 2007 From India, Vijayawada
In addition to all the other replies I would also like to add that having an open mind helps a HR Manager or an Executive enhance the relationships between him/her and the employees.
29th November 2007 From Sri Lanka
HR means Human Resource - general definition
But I feel HR is More of : HUman Relation........
If you have a Heart to feel accompanied by Mind to understand...
You can be in this profession.
ambika kamath
29th November 2007 From India, Mumbai
Skills required for a good HR personnel are as follows:
1. Communication Skills
(i) Verbal Communication Skills : Language proficiency
(ii) Non verbal Skills : Body Language, gestures, postures, eye contact...
2. Interpersonal Skills : Social awareness
3. Persuasive Skills
4. Empathy
5. Analytical Skills
6. Leadership qualities
7. Emotional Intelligence
8. Team Spirit
9. Problem solving skills
10.Decision making skills
29th November 2007 From India, Bangalore
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