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I want to know if any person had a criminal case in past but now it has been sattled now and everything has been closed from court side.
Would private company give him another chance to start his career?

From India, Noida

It might depend on perception & policies of the organisations. Also a personal guarantee/ references from a reputed personality might help the candidate to secure an employment. It's important that this candidate should prove his sincerity & dedication/resolve to lead a honest career to the satisfaction of employer beyond doubt. But nothing is impossible.
From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,
In case if the court has acquitted the accused then why a need was felt to reck up the past of the candidate? By the way, why the criminal case was filed? Was it in his personal capacity did any of his past employer file a suit against him? How any recruiter or HR of his future company will come to know about the criminal case?
By the way, in the recently-held parliamentary elections, we the people of India have elected 43% MPs who have criminal cases pending against them. Some of them have become union ministers also. Few MPs are out on bail. Against this backdrop, why anyone should have any objection against a closed case is not understood.
Let the candidate just keep quiet and not disclose about the criminal case. In case if he could not work because of the case, then he needs to concoct some reason for being unemployed for a certain period.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

What is required first is on whose behalf this question has been raised. If it is from a prospective private employer, I would request him to be more considerate apart from understanding the actual legal position. A young man getting himself involved in a criminal case and facing judicial trial may be by chance or intentional on variety of reasons like criminal trespass, traffic violations, street brawls, dowry,participating in political agitations, even homicide etc. However,when he stands tried and discharged or acquitted by a competent Court of Law, there ends the matter. Even ex-convicts are provided with jobs in Govt organizations as a measure of rehabilitation depending on their conduct during the period of punishment. Therefore, the case of the prospective appointee having been involved as an accused in a criminal case earlier and the charges were judicially "settled" later before his selection for the job as described by the poster would show that he has no criminal back ground so as to affect his employability as of now.
From India, Salem
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