People here do not help, do not upload new and updated stuff. only suggest on looking at older documents.
Most of them don't even comment and contribute. clearly site and members are not interested anymore.

From India, Chennai

I am sad to hear this that you feel this way.
Personally, I have not seen even a single post that goes unanswered. Dinesh Ji, who is a senior moderator answers nicely and there are lot of other active members also.
Over the years due to other sites, yes there is some inactivity but still people do help others.
And if someone is looking for help to draft an e-mail then I would say; those people must learn how to draft an e-mail rather than asking for formats here...
All the best!

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,
You have joined Citehr on 16th January 2017. Since then you have raised five posts. Barring the last one that was raised on 28th May 2019, members have given a reply to your query. If just for one post, if you do not receive any reply then you cannot generalise and say Citehr is "lazy".
You have joined Citehr more than two years five months ago. How many times you have participated in any discussion? Not even once. You want others to help you but you don't want to help others! Yet, you have started calling names! I am surprised at your crude substitute for the argument.
In none of your posts, you have mentioned your designation or the industry that you work for. You do not wish to disclose your name also. Notwithstanding your introversion, members were generous and have given help to you. Far from being grateful to them, you have projected the unrefined side of your personality.
Citehr members are not paid-consultants. To get professional advice, you may hire a consultant. Citehr members provide their advice depending on the disposable time at their hand. They strike a balance between their professional activities and help to the community members of Citehr. However, helping anyone is not binding on them, please note!
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

When you require some help/assistance you need to request not to dictate.
Please realign your post presentation.
I trust you are from HR, in that case you can prepare a draft and post & request the members for its accuracy.

From India, Madras
Raj Kumar Sutar

Cite HR is doing an excellent job and is invariably clearing doubts of members.
Members should also keep track of postings on various subjects and update their knowledge. Cite HR helps in providing professional knowledge; but we cannot expect a ready-made solution to all our problems. Younger professionals should develop the habit of reading professional books and magazines simultaneously. For questions like drafting a charge sheet or designing a performance appraisal report format, one has to take help of consultants at a cost.
R K Sutar

From India, Bhubaneswar

Citehr is very interactive and sharing and caring HR Forum which is so near to the heart of many HR Professionals. So many stalwarts like T.K. Madhu sir, Dinesh ji, Shri Umakanthan sir, R.N. Khola ji providing so much of inputs for any HR Person to understand and grow. I am a contributing member of this elite forum since 2007 and still and enjoying everyday by reading so many post by our veterans and contributing for HR people to some extent. Hence do not throw a wrong opinion against this forum.
We are of such a open type that we allowed you to post your views and responding which itself a daring proof that our forum is HR Centric and focus on learning and adopting new skills to our HR Community.

From India, New Delhi
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