Most employers say that their hiring needs are urgent and critical. They need candidates tomorrow because they have project deliverables and existing teams are working 12-14 hours a day. Having said that, if one decides to hire an Employment Agency, please keep in mind that hiring process takes dedicated time investment to interview candidates. A number of candidates to be interviewed; it depends on the average ‘Interview to Offer’ ratio.
If an employer wants to hire 10 candidates and their average interview to offer ratio is 8:1. This means that they need to interview about 80 candidates. And, if their ‘Offer to Joinee’ ratio is 50% (mostly applicable to start-ups); then the number of offers to be rolled out for onboarding 10 candidates will be 20 and the resultant interviews will be 160. Now, this is something most hiring managers/employers don’t account for.
Generally, hiring managers given one interview slot per day and they miss out on giving even one slot because of project deliverables. As they are overworked on weekdays, they don’t give time to interview candidates on weekends as well. If this trend continues, one can do about 20-30 interview max in a month and this will mean that it will take approximately 8-10 months to make the required 20 offers and resultant onboarding can take up to 12 months to onboard 10 candidates. This could become worse and you lose candidates because of delays in conducting interviews. And, this will also mean continued pressure on existing employees and their probability to leave the organization because of additional work pressure.
I have experienced this problem in dozens of organizations and if hiring managers do not dedicate time to conduct the required number of interviews; hiring cannot happen. This article is for all those hiring managers who say that their requirements are urgent and critical. Please understand the interview to offer ratio and offer to join ratio from someone who can provide this and accordingly create time investment to get your hiring done in time. Create a pool of interviewers to provide increased bandwidth to conduct a higher number of interviews to fulfil your hiring at a fast pace. While you create the pool of interviewers, don’t forget to align all of them in terms of exact hiring needs so that there is no gap in terms of different interviewers shortlisting/rejecting candidates for different reasons.
I have seen and experienced organizations/employers hiring dozens to hundreds of candidates in weeks to few months because they do dedicate the required time to interview the candidates and complete their hiring well within time.
Someone can say that we can do better shortlisting through the recruiter, better screening through coding test, written test etc. Even if we have some pre-screening stages, one still needs to invest time to conduct a specific number of interviews to identify candidates who can be offered and then on-boarded.
In short, there is no alternative to investing the required time to interview candidates if you want to do your hiring in time.
Happy Recruiting.

From India, Bengaluru

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From India, New Delhi
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